Is Mark Ferris gay? Details on Zoella and Mark Ferris relationship

Mark Ferris is well known for his buoyant and charming natured video content. Creating video content surrounding tags, challenges and general vlogs on his life are among his favorite things. He is quite well known for his friendship with fellow Youtuber Zoella Sugg. Fans have made speculations regarding Mark’s bond with his BFF Zoella. What is the relationship they share? Another rumor that has surfaced regarding Mark is that he is gay. Explore the answers below.

Are Zoella and Mark Ferris in a secret relationship?

There have been countless rumors that Mark and Zoella are together. Fans have even gone as far to comment that she is cheating on her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes. These rumors are all false. Mark and Zoella are nothing more than best friends.

Why is Mark single?

Mark is quite the old-fashioned lover. Influenced by his parents, Mark is very old fashioned about his love life. He has a very attached personality, and he instantly wants to get married to a person he is in love with. And like all of us he is terrified of getting his heart broken.

Mark Farris with Zoella

Despite having had relationships and dating people, he is looking for a commitment that could last a lifetime.

He enjoys a person who can give him the space to work (Youtube), have their own thing/passion and be able to teach him things. He wants to meet the love of his life, so if you think you are the one go for it.

Is Mark Ferris Gay?

Mark had his sexuality questioned even when he was growing up. Mark Ferris is straight and single.

A quick wiki on Mark Ferris

Having his birthday on October 10, 1990, Mark is an English YouTuber who first registered with the channel name – TheBifflovesyou in 2010. A UK magazine Shout referred this Youtube (27 years of age) a “vlogger to watch” in 2016.

Mark has appeared on several music videos like The Wanted’s “We Own the Night,” Union J’s “Beautiful Life,” and Ellie Goulding’s “Burn.” This Sushi loving longs legs fears clowns. Today Mark has an estimated net worth of $0. 4 Million.

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