William Shatner’s Wife Nerine Kidd Death, Wiki-Bio, Family, Children.

Nerine Kidd was a cheerful actress who lived her happy life until she was 40. Some unfortunate reason made her lose her life and she is no longer here with us now. The late actress enjoyed her 40 years of life a lo. But we will go on depth about it below. 

This article is the right place if you have come searching for her wiki-bio and about her death, net worth, early life and other details about her life. Tough she died ages ago, all of us are still searching about the time she was alive. 

Let’s go into the details without any delay.

Who was Nerine Kidd? Wiki-bio

Nerine Kidd was born on July 15, 1930, in, Lake Worth, Florida, the USA as per her wiki and bio. Her given birth name was Nerine Elizabeth Kidd. Though she was an American Actress and a model, rather than her career and work she was well known for being the third wife of the famous actor William Shatner.

Nerine held American nationality while being of white ethnicity.  Not much is known about her early life and since she died young not much could be found. Where did she go for studies and where and what did she graduate from? These questions still remain unsolved.

Since Wikipedia too has not written anything on Nerine other sources too has found hard on knowing her information. Now let us make our way to another topic. 

Nerine Kidd Net Worth

Nerine’s net worthwhile it was calculated during her death it was estimated to be around $1 million. Though she was a renowned actress she did not star in much movies and tv series but somehow still managed to make an enormous net worth. In the 1990s her movies Artificial Paradise was a big hit which was a large contributor to her massive net worth.

Image of Actress, Nerine Kidd net worth is $1 million

Actress, Nerine Kidd net worth is $1 million

If the actress was able to continue the journey of her life as an actress she surely would have a net worth much more than $1 million. She did not have any other source of income than as an actress and a model. 

Unfortunately, we do not know if she has won any awards or not as it is not mentioned in most of the articles but we will make sure to update the article once we find out more information on her. We also do not have any information about her properties and assets like house, cars and other things. 

Now, let move onto another topic. 

Nerine Kidd Married Life with Husband

Nerine and William Shatner married in 1997 and they were married together till the day of her death in 1999. William was really traumatized by the death of his lovely wife and even shared his thought after seeing her dead body. He even thought of suiciding.

Image of Nerine Kidd with her husband William Shatner

Nerine Kidd with her husband William Shatner

However before Nerine died, she and her husband William had lived a happy life. The duo di not have their own child but Nerine was a stepmother to William’s three children. William won the People’s Choice Award for the favorite dramatic TV show. Now, let’s get a look at how and where Nerine died.

Nerine Kidd Death. How Did She Die?

On August 1999, while Nerine’s husband William came back home at 10 pm he found his wife’s body in the deep end of their swimming pool. At first, he wanted to think it was not his wife but it sure was his wife.

Image of William Shatner wife Nerine Kidd died due to drowning into the swimming pool

William Shatner wife Nerine Kidd died due to drowning into the swimming pool

The cause of Nerine Kidd’s death was autopsied and the autopsy revealed that overuse of alcohol and valium took her precious life. Her husband would go on to marry his current wife Elizabeth Shatner in 2001.

Quick Facts about Nerine Kidd

Name Nerine Kidd
Alive or Dead Dead
Birthdate 1930
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Spouse Willian Shatner
Net Worth Approx. more than $1 million
Height  N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Mated
Children N?A
Social Networking IMDB 

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