Who is Wil Willis married to? Also find out the Forged in Fire host’s net worth

The host of a famous tv series Forged in Fire, Wil Willis has always kept his romantic endeavors hidden from public eyes. But he has announced the first step of what hopefully will be a successful nuptial on his Instagram about 11 months ago. Let’s find out what is going on in the man’s life and what has his engagement led to. Scroll onto to get to know Wil Willis, his dating life, and his net worth today.

Is Wil Willis Married Yet?

Wil Willis had been dating Krystle Amina for a long time before they popped the big announcement. Early 2017, Will and Krystle decided to take their relationship a step further and announced that the pair were engaged on their respective Instagram accounts.

Wil is known to be very secretive about his romantic affairs, so even his longtime fans were surprised by the announcement. Wil and Krystle took to Instagram to announce their relationship status with a collage of pictures and a cute caption breaking the news to his fans.

Wil Willis and Krystle Amina

Wil and Krystle tied the knot in October last year. While you can only see the bride and groom cake toppers on Wil’s Instagram, you will find a picture of the newly married couple captioned “Mr. & Mrs. Willis” on Wil’s wife – Krystle Willis’s Instagram account. They had a beautiful ceremony in 1909, Sylvia Park with friends and family.

Who is Wil Willis? – A short wiki and net worth

Wil Willis is a militant who turned into a successful TV host. The now actor and writer was born on February 13, 1975. In 1993, Wil began his career as an army after he graduated from high school in Northern California. He worked with 3rd Ranger Battalion in the Army until joining the Air Force in 1998. He served as a Pararescueman in the Air Force for a decade till March 2007.

Wil Willis then debuted hosting television shows with the show “Special Ops Mission” that aired on the Military Channel. He also snagged the role for hosting the show “Triggers: Weapons that Changed the World” on the American Heroes channel.

Today Will is credited for hosting the bladesmiths challenge series, “Forged in Fire” aired on the History Channel. The show has gained a lot of success along the way and is in its 5th season. The 5th season is set to air starting 13th March 2018.

The 43-year-old today has an estimated net worth of $15 Million.