Who is Alex Wassabi girlfriend? Know his dating history & also more on his Net Worth& Bio

What it is what it be what it do doe. Don’t worry we have lost our minds, that is just the catchy greeting line used by the popular Youtube star Alex Wassabi. He is one of the most humorous and hilarious Youtube personalities out there and that is why he has received so much fame and success. What about the dating life of the vlogger, who is his girlfriend? Find out.

Alex Wassabi Youtuber

Youtube vlogger Alex Wassabi promoting YOUTUBE REWIND 2016 on Instagram.

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Alex Wassabi Girlfriend and Past Affairs:

Alex Wassabi is successful, hilarious and hot so he must be boyfriend goals for a lot of his fans out there. However, they might have to reconsider their fantasies of a relationship as he is already dating someone. His girlfriend as many of his followers may already know is the famous fellow Youtube star Lauren Riihimaki. The details of their relationship are still intact but they have only been seen together since mid-2015.

Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki

Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki.

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Lauren Riihimaki is an accomplished Youtube personality herself having more than 6.17 million subscribers on her first channel ‘LaurDIY’ and her vlog channel ‘LaurDIY2’ she opened on just November 7, 2013, already has almost 500k subscribers out of just 30 videos. They often appear on each other’s videos as well as Instagram photos looking adorable together. She even has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram, furthermore below is Alex’s tweet where he declares Lauren as his girlfriend.

Their supporters even tease them from time to time telling them to get married in the comments. Although times are far away from Lauren and Alex to be wife and husband, they are already couple goals married or not.

Alex Wassabi with Lauren Riihimaki on his birthday.

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There was not much to go on about the past dating history and love life of Alex. However we searched years old posts of Alex and found out that he was previously in a relationship with a woman named Becky. The last photo he uploaded with her was in June 2015 so they dated only until then. He has clearly mentioned her as his girlfriend in a lot of these photos and they look very intimate.

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My pwetty girlfwiend

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Alex Wassabi Worth and Career.

Alex Wassabi has had a hell of a career so far establishing 2 successful channels and becoming equally popular in social media as well. For starters, his Youtube fame has alone earned him more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. He first opened His Youtube channel, ‘Wassabi Productions’ back in 25th January 2006 alongside his channel partner RoiFabito who now has separated from the channel to pursue a separate career.

Wassabi Productions now has reached to a total number of more than 8.7 million followers and has a total of more than 2.8 billion views. His second channel he named after himself ‘Alex Wassabi’ on November 26, 2010, and despite being a vlog channel has already received 2.5 subscriptions.

Calculating all of this information we can grip a pretty good idea of the net worth, salary and financial standards of Alex Wassabi. He has an estimated net worth of around 3 million dollars. This estimation was made calculating the average an approximate payment system of Youtube. Based on the regular payments Youtube gives based on revenues, advertisements and other obligations, Alex’s current state should earn him the annual salary of 2.2 million dollars with 600,000 dollars a day on his daily average of 4 million views per day. Similarly, his vlog channel should also have 400k views daily contributing annual income of 220k. On top of that Youtube has bonus and extra amounts paid based on milestones, monetized views, and contracts with local and international brands and also independent companies for certified advertisements and mentions.


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