Where is Kristi Lee from the Bob & Tom Show in 2018? Details on her failed marriages

Kristi Lee has been a long time host of The Bob & Tom Show. So, where is Kristi Lee from the Bob & Tom Show in 2018? Find out what she’s up to and also know details on the failed Kristi Lee marriages.

Kristi Lee had a Bob & Tom Show reunion on her podcast

There’s no one quite like Kristi Lee from The Bob & Tom Show! She had been hosting the radio show for 28 years before her exit in January 2016. Fans were of course devastated but she returned to the show in July that year.

Kristi Lee with Tom Griswold, Chick McGee, and Josh Arnold.

Theresa Ritz, a famous radio show host. who is best known as Kristi Lee.

Lee later shared that she had taken the hiatus from the show to create her own brand. And she did just that, launching her own podcast called Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. Since its inception in April 2016, the show has had several interesting guests.

Lee kicked off 2018 with a The Bob & Tom Show reunion on her podcast. She was joined by former co-host Bob Kevoian, and cast members Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis, Mark Patrick, Whit Grayson, Jay Baker and Dave Dugan.

In January, she also interviewed longtime The Bob & Tom Show producer Dean Metcalf, stand up comedian and speaker Leigh Koechner and magician Justin Willman.

Details on Kristi Lee marriages and children

Lee is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. But she has not revealed if she’s dating anyone at the moment.

She has been married & divorced three times. She has two children with ex-husband Adam Ritz. Her daughters, Ava and Sophie, both attended Zionsville Community High School.

Radio host Kristi Lee with her ex-husband and two daughters.

Kristi Lee with her ex-husband Adam Ritz and two daughters.

She got married to the former Indianapolis DJ in 1998. In 2003, Ritz pled guilty to sexually assaulting their babysitter while drunk. He was sentenced to six months in prison in May the following year. This must’ve strained their marriage as the couple divorced shortly after Ritz got out.

Lee was married to Jack Woodlock from 1989 to 1995. She had ted the knot for the first time in 1980. She divorced her first husband, Thomm Malaby, in 1982.

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