When Hope Calls All Cast Bio, Salary, Net worth, & Update

Hallmark movies now introduce another instalment of When Calls the Heart. Its second chapter: When Hope Calls will air the story of two sisters separated at birth, meeting as grown-ups.

Premiering on August 30, 2019, in Hallmark Channel’s digital streaming, the series follows the story of When Calls the Heart, based on Janette Oke’s series.

Don’t worry, we have no spoilers ahead in the article, here we will talk about the Canadian series cast, their earnings, and net worth. We will see how well is the network paying actors in its second series along with a short bio on the main cast members of the show.

The show features all Canadian crew of Jocelyn Hudon, Morgan Kohan, Ryan-James Hatanaka, Greg Hovanessian, and super appealing Liam MacDonald (III). So let’s see what do these actors’ contracts say about their salary and also know what their current net worth is? Shall we? Let’s start with When Hope Calls’ lead Jocelyn Hudon.

Jocelyn Hudon Net Worth, Salary & Bio

Jocelyn Hudon, with more than 20 TV-films and series credits just at the age of 24, will be seen as Grace Bennett in the series. The beautiful Canadian actress will be one half of the series lead, which grew up in an orphanage after her separation from her elder sister.

Image of Take a look at Actress Jocelyn Hudon Flaunting A Cozy Casual

Take a look at Actress Jocelyn Hudon Flaunting A Cozy Casual

Known for her role in The Strain as Abby, she will now portray the character of Grace Bennett in this heart-touching drama series.

Image of  Jocelyn Hudon Flaunting her velvet gown at an E-One's Red Carpet Event

Jocelyn Hudon Flaunting her velvet gown at an E-One’s Red Carpet Event

The sexy Canadian actress born on November 18, 1994, will be a lead in the show which has already got the fans going; As per sources, the Riptide actress reportedly claims $65,000 per episode of When Hope Calls. Additionally, the successful TV film and stage actress has a net worth of over $1 million.

Morgan Kohan Net Worth, Salary & Bio

British Columbia born actress Morgan Kohan is one of the leads in the 2019s drama series When Hope Calls. She also is known for the movie Ransom & Star Trek: Discovery released in 2017. She is everyone’s favourite nowadays, and it is proved by her recent guest-starring role in the Netflix series, “Creepd Out.”

Image of Actress Morgan Kohan

Actress Morgan Kohan

When Hope Calls, she is reportedly receiving a salary of around $65 thousand, which is somehow equal to her co-star Jocelyn Hudon’s salary per episode. But since she is also affiliated with various other projects on the web to the TV world, she reportedly makes more or less around $100 thousand in salary.


Image of Actress, Morgan Kohan net worth is $1.5 million

Actress, Morgan Kohan net worth is $1.5 million

As of 2019, this British Columbia born Toronto based Triple Threat Program at Randolph Academy graduate actress has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Ryan-James Hatanaka’s Net worth, Salary & Bio

If you want a perfect guy to fall in love with than Ryan-James, Hatanaka should be labelled as a national crush! Ryan, after appearing in When Hope Calls, solidified that he is not only a reasonably handsome man but a talented actor.

Hatanaka did his BA In Performing arts from the University of Toronto’s National Theatre School of Canada and finally finished his MFA from New York University.


Hatanaka is a Vancouver born actor who spent his childhood in Toronto. As one of the favourite actors of 2019, in europian-Canada and The States he is credited for Global TV, eOne’s Tv show “Nurses” and NBC series “Chicago PD.”

Image of Who Can Look More Adorable In Beards. Ryan sure does, Right.

Who Can Look More Adorable In Beards? Ryan sure does, Right.

Other than being a splendid TV and Film actor, this handsome lad is also a black belt in karate, Hatanaka teaches orchestrated combat at New York University’s Tisch Graduate Acting program.

Image of A Picture of Hatanaka From When Hope Calls

A Picture of Hatanaka From When Hope Calls

So what exactly is he worth? As of 2019, the Canadian actor is reportedly worth around $450 thousand, and additionally, Hatanaka’s current salary from When Hope Calls is reportedly about $35000 per episode of the series.

Greg Hovanessian Net Worth, Salary & Bio

Those intense eyes and cowboy looks can’t steal your heart; then we don’t know what would? Actor Greg Hovanessian is one of the leads in the series When Hope Calls.

Southern Ontario born actor is reportedly dating Tanya Bitty, and from the show When Hope Calls, he receives over $50 thousand, which is again a little lesser than his co-stars, but he, on the other hand, has many ads and endorsement deals. As of 2019, his current net worth is reportedly around $2 million.

Liam MacDonald (III) Net Worth & Salary

Let’s not forget about the other cast members who already have stolen our hearts as a child actor before When Hope Calls. The Ontario based actor is known for his early acting credits in Les Miserables and Willy Wonka the Musical. The Miracle on 34th Set actor Liam Macdonald reportedly charges around $35thousand per appearance in When Hope calls.

But his official net worth isn’t out on the media. So with the adorable and considerably young cast members, When Hope Calls is all set to win you over one more time.

Keep up with us for more on the series, in our subsiding articles.

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