Victoria Secret Model Chanel Iman is dating younger guy! Know about her parents & ethnicity

All women dream about having a body like that of a Victoria Secret Model then what so the Victoria Secret Models dream about? It turns out that they dream about something completely other than modeling. We are talking about mixed ethnicity model Chanel Iman who always makes it to the news either because of her dating life and younger boyfriends or her dressing style. Now learn all about it as well as about her ethnicity and bio.

Chanel Iman’s boyfriend & dating history:

When it comes to her boyfriend, Chanel surely knows how to pick them. She was first seen dating rapper ASAP Rocky in 2013. However, the dynamic duo was not very compatible and broke it off in June that year. However, Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky have remained good friends after their break-up. The former girlfriend and boyfriend have now become best friends especially because ASAP Rocky considers her too good for him.

Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky

Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky.

After ASAP Rocky, Chanel has also been spotted dating NBA star, Jordan Clarkson. The athlete plays for the renowned team Los Angeles Lakers since 2014. The couple was reportedly dating for in 2015 but their romance was short-lived as they separated that same year.

Chanel Iman Jordan Clarkson

Chanel Iman and LA Lakers player Jordan Clarkson on romantic swim.

Source: The Big Lead

Recently the 26-year-old has been spotted numerous times with her new reported beau, Stirling Shepard. Stirling Shepard is a 24-year-old NFL star currently playing for the team New York Giants. Chanel hasn’t really opened about her new partner Stirling but it does not look like they are keeping it a secret as well. They have been caught multiple times since the start of 2017 together and look like they are a very good couple.

Chanel Iman Stirling Shepard

Chanel Iman and her boyfriend Stirling Shepard.

Source: Lipstick Alley

Chanel on Ethnicity and Nationality:

It’s a proven scientific fact that diversity in genes is a major factor when it comes to physical attractiveness. She is a living proof of that, she might be American by nationality but she is part Asian and part African American by ethnicity. She is Korean ethical background from her mother and black ethnicity from her father.

Chanel Iman has previously shared how she has faced racism related to her ethnicity in the fashion industry. Many times designers and casting agents have turned her down just because they already “Have one black girl”. And it’s just not Chanel or her black ethnicity that feel this suppression in the modeling world.

Each and every major brands and company have a majority of white ethnicity models at their disposal and only feature a couple of different ethnic models. This system is seen throughout Europe and North America that endorse majority of large-scale brands and companies. She is also hoping that more diversity enters into the modeling world and models are not categorized for their background.

Chanel Iman’s Wiki:

Chanel Iman was born on 1st December 1990 and is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She started modeling from when she was just 12 years of age in LA for a reputed company Ford Models. She has recently left her modeling career to embark on her career as an actor in movies like the 2015 ‘Dope’ and 2017 ‘Mad Families’. Combining her acting and modeling career she has an estimated net worth of around 8 million dollars.

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