Everything to know about Vanna White’s daughter Gigi Santo Pietro

What is Vanna White’s daughter Gigi Santo Pietro up to? Do you know old Gigi Santo Pietro is, or what she is doing today? Get to know Gigi up close and personal below.  

Everything you did not know about Gigi Santo Pietro

We have waited with bated breath for the letters to turn and people to guess the words, and in all that anxiety you had the beautiful Vanna White turning the letters. She still hosts the show turning the letters and the faith of the guessing contestant. Gigi Santo Pietro was born to father George Santo Pietro and mother Vanna White, on July 1, 1997, as Giovanna Santo Pietro. Her mother is a famous TV show host and has been on various shows and movies. Gigi’s father George owned am an Italian restaurant in Bel-Air, California and the famous sushi restaurant Sushi-Ko, both in the 80s.

Gigi Santo Pietro with her mother Vanna White and brother Niko Santo Pietro

Gigi is the second child of Vanna and George. She has an older brother Nikko Santo Pietro. Niko Santo Pietro has been in the news lately for exploring his sexuality.

In 2008, Gigi along with Vanna modeled in a mini fashion show hosted by Lion Brand Yarn. They walked on a show to promote Vanna’s brand of yarn – Vanna’s Choice.

Gigi Santo Pietro in 2018

In 2018, she will stand at the age of 21 and an independent human. After graduating from high school in 2015, Gigi moved out of her mother’s home to study at the New York University. This left mother Vanna White with an empty nest syndrome.

Judging by Gigi’s Instagram and her website, she is really into art, drawing, and photography.

Gigi Santo Pietro with her mother Vanna White

Her website has a decorated recognition section where she has put up the pictures that won her the awards. She has received many Gold and Silver Key Awards in 2013 and 2014 from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Gigi is a huge fan of musician Diplo and posted a photograph of her along with two friends. She recently posted a video of her rolling on grass captioned: “Do you think I could sell this account if Diplo follows me? Any takers?” Would you take up on her offer?

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