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The life of a reality television star is usually glamorous, entertaining, and simply filled with excitement. As such, they tend to make for exciting character studies. There is never a dull moment when examining any aspect of their life. Our subject today is Ursula Stolf. In this review, we will dive into the life of the reality star, examining her age, net worth, and husband.

We will explore her relationship with her husband and find out how well they are getting along. With a name like Ursula, you can just bet that this is going to be an interesting article, so you don’t want to miss it. At the very least, check out her bio.

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Ursula Stolf was born on the 1st of September, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario. This makes the reality star 34 years old currently. The star grew up nearby Toronto, in a county called Rexdale, alongside three other sisters. Ursula’s parents divorced while she was still relatively young, and she would go on to live with her mother. It is reported that her father had a few issues to deal with, at the top of which being anger management.

In fact, as a child, she was extremely scared of her father. The life they lived after their father left, however, was not easy. This is because they moved into a much smaller place, surviving solely on the small income their mother earned. Seeing her mother struggle for all these years made her want to do better, and so she did.

She worked her socks off in school, determined to build a better life for herself and the rest of her family. After high school, she attended Niagara College, where she earned a degree in Education. She was not done yet, as she further went on to work for a Master’s degree in the very same field at Mt. Saint Vincent University. These were not the only degrees she would attain: the star also earned a degree in Sociology from York University and another master’s degree in human resources.

There is no questioning her credentials. They would open doors for her, and she went on to become very experienced in her field of expertise.

Who is Ursula Stolf? His career info.

Ursula Stolf is a Canadian reality television personality, best known for being one of the stars of the television series “Storage Wars: Canada”, which is the first international version of the US “Storage Wars” franchise. The reality star discovered a great financial opportunity with storage containers. In various parts of the world, storage containers are usually auctioned off if they are not paid for. Viewers are allowed to view the contents of the storage container, not touching anything but hoping to make a correct assessment of the value inside.

For a profit, the contents of the storage containers are sold to the highest bidder. She then started her own business called Ursula Locker Loot, her own store in downtown Toronto and establishing a website which sold some of her contents. In time, Ursula was noticed by Television producers who invited her to become part of the first international spin-off of Storage Wars, called Storage Wars: Canada. The show focuses on people who make a business out of buying the contents of unpaid storage lockers and making a profit from the contents.

Image of Ursula Stolf from TV show, Storage Wars

Ursula Stolf from the TV show, Storage Wars

It became attractive to many since nobody knows the value of the contents until a proper inspection is made. The Canada version of Storage wars airing in 2013 at the OLN network, focusing on a set group of buyers who are business rivals of one another and also started airing in the US under the title Storage Wars: Northern Treasures”.

Ursula was nicknamed The Knock Out due to the capability of finding knock out prizes from her storage container units. She is the most educated among her competitors but is easily dismissed by them because they think she isn’t a serious threat at all. She stayed with the show for two years and afterwards she still found success with her business of storage containers units.

Ursula Stolf Net Worth. How much is the Storage Wars’ cast worth?

Reality television is one of the most profitable ventures you can ever get into. The entertainment industry is very lucrative, as stars on TV can earn as much as $ 20,000 for every episode they feature in. This figure can double or even triple depending on the popularity of the show. Some stars are also rumoured to make over $ 100K. As of late 2018, sources confirm that Ursula Stolf has a net worth of over $800k.

Image of TV actor, Ursula Stolf net worth is $800,000

TV actor, Ursula Stolf net worth is $800,000

Most of this wealth has stemmed from her career on screen. As we said, stars on reality shows tend to be top earners. But this is not the star’s only source of income. She also earns money through a successful storage container business, and this helps supplement her already impressive income. Ursula’s business only keeps steadily progressing as time continues to pass. We can only expect it to grow larger and larger as more time progresses, especially if she implements all of her impressive businesses ideas.

Is Ursula Stolf Married?  Meet her Husband

Men all over the world will be sad to learn that the reality star is a married woman. She is taken and not on the market anymore. Ursula Stolf’s husband is the only man she has eyes for now, as the two are head over heels for each other.

Image of Ursula Stolf husband Mike

Ursula Stolf husband, Mike

Mike’s wife, Ursula Stolf found love when she was relatively young. It was during her teenage years that she met Mike, she would be paramour and husband. They met while they were both in High School, instantly becoming still sweethearts.


Their relationship would carry on well after high school. Most would have thought that the love and excitement would have waned after their honeymoon period was over, but the two continued to work hard on their relationship, and only went from strength to strength. The happy couple would eventually get married. Mike often jokes that they had nothing in common at first, but he still went for it regardless. They dated for quite a while before he finally put a ring on her finger.

This was while she was in her early twenty’s. Details about their wedding are a little bit scarce, as the pair kept it quiet and private. It is likely that only a few friends and family were in attendance for their wedding. The reality star always states that it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, and they needed to work on their relationship.

The high school sweethearts have been together for years, and it doesn’t seem that they will go their separate ways any time soon. The couple still doesn’t have children yet, and maybe they decided not to. Some couples usually prefer it this way, as it gives them more energy to focus on themselves.

Ursula Stolf Age, Birth Name, Wiki-Bio

Full name Ursula Stolf
Age 34 years old.
Date of Birth September 1st, 1984
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Profession Reality television star, Businesswoman, TV personality
Net worth $ 800K
Husband Mike
Kids 0
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo.
Parents Unknown

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