Who’s the Wife of Fox News’ Conservative Pundit, Tucker Carlson? Know about his Married Life, Family & Kids!

Every pair has a different story than another. Some of them may get together experiencing simple situation while some may face an interesting crumple. Likewise, today we are here with a fascinating story of a successful media personality who married his school headmaster’s daughter. Yeah, it is quite interesting, so let’s move on the story of the couple.

Tucker Carlson hosting show with his co-hosts.

Fox News conservative pundit Tucker Carlson hosting show with his co-hosts.

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If you are the regular viewer of Fox News, then you obviously know the Conservative Pundit of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. He has an amusing history regarding his marriage. The man was strong enough to enthrall the heart of his high school headmasters’ child with whom he is sharing almost two more decades of married life now.

Know about Tucker Carlson Wife and also his Married Life and Kids!

Tucker, a very famous name in the world as a media personality, tied the knot with her school sweetheart Susan Andrews in the year of 1991. It’s also interesting to hear their love story, while they first met in St. George School in Rhode Island. Though Andrews was the principal’s daughter, the courageous Carlson managed to trap the lady in his love.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and with his wife Susan Andrews.

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Mr. and Mrs. Tucker dated for a long time and got married after developing a strong bond. Now in 2017, they are enjoying their 26 years of marriage. You want to look this beautiful pair used to look in the early years, don’t you? Okay, then let’s go!

The perfect couple, Carlson, and Andrews is blessed with four kids. The couple has three daughters, Dorothy, Lillie and Hopie Carlson and a son named Buckley. They are very responsible towards their kids. However, his children relate him as a busy father, so he cannot much time with his family, wife, and children. So, his wife Susan fills his absence and takes care of babies very well. So that, the married life of the couple is going smoothly. There is no clue for the divorce of the couple soon.

Tucker Carlson with his wife, Susan Carlson and four children.

Beautiful family, Tucker Carlson with his wife, Susan Carlson and four kids.

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Tucker Carlson’s Million dollars of Net Worth with splendid salary and House!

Everybody knows that he is one of the successful news anchor, commentator, pundit, and columnist. But you know about his exact net worth? Okay, he has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars in 2017 with his $600 thousands of annual salary, but that’s much less than the other Fox News hosts who sandwich him on the network’s schedule.

Tucker Carlson beautiful house.

Tucker Carlson house, who’s selling DC home for $2.2million after moving to New York for starring gig on Fox News

Source: DailyMail

Tucker and his family reside happily at their ancestral house in Alexandra which they renovated later. But according to heavy.com, in August 2011, they sold a six-bedroom home in the Kent for $4 million dollars. The couple then purchased a house that just was the mile away for half that cost. Those $2 million dollars has a two-car garage, seven bedroom, and six bathrooms, isn’t it luxurious?

Short Bio:

As Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, he was born on 16th of May 1969 to his parents Lisa McNear and Richard Warner Carlson. He is an American best political news and conservative of Fox News Channel (FCN). He is recently the co-founder and editor in Chief of The Daily Caller and ex-host of CNN’s Crossfire and MSNBC’s Tucker. However, he is also famous as an author, an author of politicians, patricians, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News.

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