Does Travis Fimmel have a wife?

Travis Fimmel is the ruggedly handsome face behind Ragnar. We are interested in knowing what is Travis’s relationship status – is he married?Who is his wife? Does he have a girlfriend? Scroll on to find out about that and his net worth.

Is Travis Fimmel dating Paula Patton?

We don’t know which link ups are true and which aren’t, but there are many surrounding this Vikings bad boy. Travis has had a long line of girlfriends and bad relationships. But after a long break of news about his love life, fans got a whiff of a new budding romance between the Vikings and his previous movie, i.e., Warcraft co-star Paula Patton.

This link up was built on him saying he never felt like he had act as Paula – Garona Halforcen’s love interest Lothar in the movie. Travis said he never had trouble with the on-screen chemistry between the two. This was all that was needed to spark the fire.

Travis Fimmel with Paula Patton

The two have been keeping a lid on their romantic life quiet till now. But dating or not, you have to admit the fire they spark on the screen.

Travis Fimmel’s Previous Relationships:

Travis Fimmel has had a string of women in the past. Gina Gershon, Jill Marie Jones, Merrin Dungey, Rachel Hunter, Jessica Miller, Nicole Appleton, Ceara-Lynch, Mei Melancon, Joy Bryant – all makes his girlfriend list.We still should wait for a while to see his wife.

Travis Fimmel movies

On 15 July 1979, Travis Fimmel was born in Victoria, Australia. Aspiring to become a footballer, Travis moved to Melbourne to play for the St Kilda Football Club. But when he broke his leg, he got sidelined before the season even began.

Travis then got into the modeling scene. He bagged the six-figure deal to model for Calvin Klein exclusively. He modeled for the brand’s famous underwear line and was the face of CK’s Crave.

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok in series ‘The Vikings’

Travis quit his modeling career in 2009 and started acting in movies. He is best known for his role in the TV series The Beast, as Lothar in the movie Warcraft and for his portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok in the Vikings series.

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