Tom Segura Net worth 2019. His wife, Children

Meet Tom Segura, a famous comedian, and actor who recently starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the movie, Instant Family. The actor has also won plenty of hearts through his writing and podcast called Your Mom’s House, that he co-hosts with his wife. Like himself, she’s also a comedian and together with the natural vibe they’ve got going on, they make it look easy. We can’t wait to tell you all about her, but first, here is the insight into Tom Segura’s net worth, age, Wiki-bio and more.

Who is Tom Segura? Career Info.

Most comedic personalities have different reasons for joining the genre. Some do it for the fame and glory while others do it for fun. On the other hand, Segura started with stand-up specials as a means to channel his frustrations of life right after he was done with college.

Some of his performances include The Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and Last Comic Standing 2. He also became an avid actor with some of his earliest work dated back to 2009 in the series, Atom TV.

Image of Comedian, Tom Segura

Comedian, Tom Segura

Since then, Tom has done segments for Gary Unmarried, Happy Endings, Workaholics, Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler and many more. The actor digressed into radio work and gave out his input on the Bennington Show and The Ron and Fez Show.

Tom Segura Net worth.

The actor oozes laughter wherever he goes and has so far, become a phenomenal comedian. The world recognizes him as a member of the Deathsquad Network of comedians. Throughout his business, Tom Segura solicits an astounding net worth of $3 million as per current sources.

Image of Actor, Tom Segura net worth is $3 million

Actor, Tom Segura net worth is $3 million

We’ve already talked about his acting and stand-up specials that form the bulk of his net worth. However, Tom is also a wizard when it comes to writing scripts. One of his best works was the TV documentary, Disgraceful. Others include, This is Not Happening, Mash Up, Funny as Hell, and 9 Inches

Other sources include the comedian’s regular appearances on The Bob and Tom radio show. Segura is also bilingual and can juggle both English and Spanish interchangeably. It’s one of those low-key attributes that he sometimes puts on his regular radio and podcast work.

Is Tom Segura Married to a wife? Or Dating a girlfriend. Any Kids?

The chemistry between Tom and his wife, Christina Pazsitsky is to-die-for. The couple got married in November 2008 in a small quiet wedding with a reception reserved for close friends and family only. Their marriage was a success considering the babies they raise together.

Image of Tom Segura with his wife Christina Pazsitsky

Tom Segura with his wife Christina Pazsitsky

They have two boys named Ellis and Julian born in 2016 and 2018 respectively. However, the boys aren’t the only ‘babies’ they’ve nurtured together. Pazsitsky, who is Canadian-American had the brilliant idea of starting a podcast in 2011 since they were both into it.

Your Mom’s House – the podcast, aired two episodes a week and was nominated for best comedy category in 2012 for the Stitcher Awards. Christina is a comedian, writer and has done several voices acting roles in animations. Therefore, the podcast came naturally to her.

Tom Segura Age, Birthdate, Family, Siblings, Wiki-Bio and Facts.

Full name Tom Segura
Age 39
Date of Birth April 16th, 1979
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio
Profession Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Net worth $3 Million
Wife Christina Pazsitzky
Kids 2
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aries

Segura was born on April 16th, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio where he also got raised. There are no details regarding his family except for the basics to his background. The actor’s mother was Peruvian while there is no wind as to what his father’s origins are. As a result, it’s impossible to deduce Tom’s ethnicity.

Image of Tom Segura height is 6 feet 1 inch

Tom Segura height is 6 feet 1 inch

Nevertheless, he grew up alongside his two sisters. The actor may be in the best of shape right now at age 39 and with a height of 6 feet and 1 inch, but that wasn’t the case. There was an incident back when he was a teenager where he overdosed on GHB. One of his sisters found him unconscious and called 911 right before he went into a short coma.

The doctors managed to stabilize him and nurse him back to health. They also divulged that it was by being fat that saved his life. We don’t want to bore you with the specifics and medical terms used but that’s how he cheated death. Currently, Segura lives a lush life with his wife and two kids in Los Angeles, California.

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