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Who is Tim Chapman? Tim Chapman originates from Ventura, California. He was born on May 13th, 1965, which makes him fifty-three years. What makes him trend on celebrity websites? He was made famous by his appearance in ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ show. He appeared as a bounty hunter working with Duane “Dog” Chapman. He was bequeathed the work of locating and arresting people who jump bail agreements. Isn’t that an unusual career path to earn a living from? Shock to you, as this is what built Tim Chapman a name. This article explains to you how Tim grew in his bounty hunting career, what he is up to now and gives more details about this man’s personal life. Know Tim Chapman’s net worth.

His early life

Tim Chapman was born to his father, Ronald Chapman, and mother, Diane Wimberly. He had one brother. He was born as Timothy Charles Chapman.  His mother was already a practicing bondswoman. His parents didn’t have a long stay in their marriage.

They divorced when Tim was only two and a half years. Little or nothing is known about his schooling life. They were moved into their maternal grandparents’ home after the divorce. His career began to sprout at this stage in his life.

His maternal grandparents were also in the business of bail bonds. They owned a company called, ABC Bail Bonds in Colorado. He grew an unusual passion for the job making him boast of an arrest at only 14 years. This was quite promising.

How he started out his TV career

They say good work never goes unnoticed. While Tim Chapman was busy building their family business, he was noticed by a big name in this industry of bail bonds. Duane “Dog” Chapman was impressed by Tim’s zeal. He asked Tim to join him in opening their company.

They opened a bail bonds business called, Da Kine Bail Bonds. He co-owned it with Duane, his late girlfriend Beth Smith and their son, Leland. It was located in Hawaii. This team thrived in the trade and their business grew.

Image of Tim Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter show

Tim Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter show

As is always the case, opportunity meets preparedness. Tim and Duane’s team were noticed by the A&E (TV channel) producers, who approached them with the idea of a bounty hunting show. Together with Duane’s team they created it. The show was named “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. The show featured Duane, Tim, Beth, and Leland.

His role in the show

Tim Chapman started featuring in the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” show from the first season that premiered in August 2004. He was notably a key cast member in the show for the next five seasons. Tim decided to take paternal leave in season 6 to take care of his children. Tim later came back to the show in the 7th season that was named, “Mister Mom”. The show was later brought to a halt on the 8th season in 2012. This show has never returned back to the screens, making Tim Chapman, in turn, be missed out since then.

Tim Chapman net worth.

Must Tim Chapman have accumulated some mouthwatering wealth behind his many years in this unusual career?  Yes, Tim Chapman has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is wealth that he managed to accumulate from his around 8 years of reality TV work.

Image of TV Personality, Tim Chapman net worth is $3 million

TV Personality, Tim Chapman net worth is $3 million

Tim Chapman wife, married, children. What happened to Tim Chapman wife?

Tim Chapman was married to Davina Chapman, but they later got divorced. They divorced filed by Tim was on the grounds that Davina was having an extramarital affair which yielded to a pregnancy.

Image of Tim Chapman with his wife Davina Chapman,

Tim Chapman with his wife Davina Chapman,

The couple had 3 children together; Tim Chapman Junior, Thunder Cloud Chapman, and Storm Hunter Chapman. He has been taking care of his children since his retirement from reality TV work. He is now a single father.

Is Tim Chapman dead or alive?

Tim Chapman is alive and kicking, while he takes care of his children.

Image of Tim Chapman is still alive and healthy

Tim Chapman is still alive and healthy

Full name Timothy Charles 
Nickname Tim Chapman 
Date of birth (age) May 13, 1965 (53 Years)
Birthplace California’s City 
Net worth $3 million
Mother Diane Wimberly 
Father Ronald Chapman
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Former TV Personality and Former Bounty Hunter
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced
Children 3
Wife Davina Chapman

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