Tia Torres’s Husband, Aren Marcus Jackson Still in Jail; When is his Release Date?

We can’t contemplate the feeling of having a loved one in prison, but sadly it is a feeling Tia Torres is well familiar with. It is none other than her husband, Aren Marcus Jackson, who has been behind bars. It is not a new story; he has been serving time for quite some time now, so the million-dollar question is; when is his release date?

Is he being released from jail in 2020, or will it take more time? Is Tia Torres still married to Aren Marcus Jackson? We have answers to all your questions.

Why Did Aren Marcus Jackson go to Jail?

Aren Marcus Jackson has never been someone who has been in the good graces with the law. Not much is known about him, but what we do know is his rough past with the law. The only thing we know about Aren Marcus’ early bio is that he has a rough childhood. Even before his current prison sentence, he was arrested on multiple occasions for various reasons.

Currently, Aren is doing time after he was arrested and convicted of 11 different felonies in 2007. Attempted murder, burglary, auto theft, parole violation, and illegal firearm carry are some of the charges he is facing. Despite pleading guilty, the court found him guilty and gave him a sentence for 15 years and eight months.

Many people, mostly fans of him from his wife, Tia Torres’ show ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’, believe that Aren is indeed innocent. We don’t have firsthand knowledge of the case to express any personal opinions in the case.

When is Aren Marcus Jackson’s Release Date?

Aren was sentenced in 2007 for over 15 years. It would mean that his release date falls in the year 2022. However, many sources also claim that his release date is in the year 2020, but these sources fail to reason his 2-years early release.

Good behavior and new developments in his case could have been the cause of his early release, but we can’t be sure. In the meantime, since so many sources declare he is coming out in 2020 that Aren Marcus Jackson has been a trending subject. We will inform in more detail as soon as we get any new information, but for now, no exact date has been confirmed of his release.

Aren Marcus Jackson’ Married Life and Children with Wife

If you know Aren, then chances are you also know his celebrity wife, Tia Torres, who is the star of the show ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees.’ It is a show which documents her work after all, which is dedicated to giving a second life to both Pit Bulls and Parolees. Not only that, but the show also removes our negative views on Pit Bulls as vicious dogs and ex-Criminals as untrustworthy people.

Image of Aren Marcus Jackson with his wife Tia Torress

Aren Marcus Jackson with his wife, Tia Torres

Tia met her husband, Aren Marcus Jackson, through this vision. She was trying to relocate a lost dog’s owner who just so happened to be her future husband, who was serving another 14-years sentence at that time. They became pen pals and also started to develop feelings for each other. When Aren was released in 2006, they did not want to wait any longer, getting married the same year.

They together have one daughter, Mariah Torres. However, they are also parents to two twin boys; Kenani and Keli. Tori Torress also has a daughter Tani from a previous relationship we know nothing about. We do not know anything about their children even though they also appear in the show.

Image of Aren Marcus Johnson wife Tia with her kids

Aren Marcus Johnson wife Tia with her kids

Are Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Johnson still Married?

Another debatable factor in Aren Marcus Johnson’s life has been his married life. The majority of news outlets have come to the conclusion that they are still married. According to them, Tia knows better than anybody that criminals are not evil people. She has been loyal to her husband even when she has been behind bars for over a decade, and they are still happily married.

On the other hand, some outlets claim that Tia Torres has officially said that she has split from her husband. According to them, this is no news as she split from her husband years ago, but they have not come around to finalizing their divorce.

In either of the case, since Tia Torres and her husband have not been through a divorce, we can confirm that they are technically still married. We hope we get confirmation on this dispute after the release of Aren Johnson.

Keep checking with us to find more details and answers, but until then, this all the information we have for you.

Aren Marcus Johnson Married, Wife, Kids, Jail, Release Date

Name Aren Marcus Johnson
Profession TV personality
Net Worth Under-review
Wife Tia Torres
Wife’s Net Worth $300,000
Children 4 Kids:

Tani Torres (Step-daughter from Tia)

Mariah Torres (with wife Tia)

Kenani & Keli (adopted twin boys)

Prison Time 15 years & 8 months
Release Date 2022 (Verification required on whether he will be released 2-years early in 2020)

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