Taylor Alesia Wiki-Like Bio: Also Her Birthday & Age! More about her Dating affairs with Boyfriend & other facts you should know.

This moment that we are currently living in is really the age of technology. The Internet has opened a whole new world to us especially to people who have gone to become Internet sensations. People use social media popularly Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn about one of such Social media personality Taylor Alesia who has millions of followers in her social media accounts. Learn more about her career as well as her personal life.

Taylor Alesia Wiki-Bio:

Before learning about her personal life let us first learn about her professional life. How much do you really know about the Youtube star? First, let’s start with her bio. Taylor Alesia was born in 1996 and she would be turning 21 on October 13 this year; meaning she is currently 20 years old. She was born in New York, USA and is of American Nationality.

There is not much known about the family life of the internet sensation other than that she has an elder sister as a sibling. Maybe Taylor is the wild child of the family who stands out from her family who unlike her are shy and not camera friendly. Knowing Taylor, we can make a safe bet that her family is just as sweet as her.

Her Boyfriend and Dating History:

Since the internet is a pretty big place and to be a celebrity originated from it gets you into a matter of gossip, especially when you are a pretty face in this profession. Everyone wants to know who Taylor Alesia is dating or who is her boyfriend?

Well, you don’t have to look very far for the answers. If you are one of her followers than you must already know. She is currently dating fellow Instagram and Youtube personality Tanner Fox. Tanner Fox started his career making shooting videos but later shifted to make all kind of popular videos including vlog, pranks, and vines. He has 2.8 followers on Instagram and over 5.3 million subscribers on Youtube.

When it comes to the dating history, there seems to be no track record all over the internet. There was a rumor that she was dating her close friend and Instagram famous star, Taylor Caniff. Their relationship, however, was denied by her supposed boyfriend, Caniff the moment it was revealed. Furthermore, the racy hot photo that Alesia posted on March 3, 2015, of her in a pink bikini top passionately kissing a shirtless Caniff that proved their relationship caused a whiplash back at their own relationship.

Alesia also revealed on her live streaming service ‘Younow’ that the 19-year-old had threatened to sue her for transferring that photo from his phone to hers. Alesia further said that they have been dating for 8 months including the time she tagged along with him in RV Project tour. However, Caniff sticks to his claim that he has been single for 2 years via Twitter.

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