Are Lilly Singh and D-Trix dating? Superwoman doesn’t need a boyfriend!

Does Lilly Singh aka Superwoman have a boyfriend. The YouTuber’s dating history has always been a topic interest among the Unicorns (her fans). She is frequently linked with fellow YouTuber D-Trix. Are Lilly Singh and D-Trix more than friends?

Lilly Singh and D-Trix: Are they a couple?

If you’ve watched any Lilly Singh and D-Trix video, you might have noticed that the chemistry between these two is INSANE. They have appeared together in many videos and shared some rather steamy scenes.

In 2016, the duo starred in a video titled 5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love on Lilly’s main channel. After popular demand, they did a part 2 of the video a year later. Lilly has also appeared a few times on D-Trix’s channel.

D- Trix & Lily Singh might be dating

D-trix kissing Lilly Singh

Collaborations apart, Lilly and Dominic are great friends in real life too – as evident from Lilly’s daily vlogs on her second channel. So, it’s only natural for fans to think that there could be something more between these two creators.

Singh made fun of this fact on her November 2, 2017 video, Giving You What You Want. As a satire, Lilly and D-Trix kiss several times in the hilarious video.

Lilly Singh doesn’t need a boyfriend!

Even though she has been vlogging for over a year now, Singh maintains a secretive personal life. She has never revealed the names of her past boyfriends and only vaguely talks about her dating history.

She has revealed that she’s presently single. Talking to in March 2017, the comedian said that she’s tired of explaining why she doesn’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. She made a whole video about in September 2016 titled Why I’m NOT in a Relationship.

Lilly Singh might be dating secretly

Beautiful Lilly Singh

Needless to say, the comment section is riddled with hateful replies and the video is one of the most watched content on her channel.

“I think there’s still a certain level of intimidation and confusion that comes around a strong female voice. That video is a prime example of it. I have tons of videos about cute boys and what I like in a boy, and those are all very popular, but the second I was like, ‘I don’t need a boyfriend, and I’m going to tell you why,” there were a lot of angry guys in those comments.”

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