Everything to know about Sunny Hostin’s husband Emmaneul Hostin

Captured by Sunny Hostin’s work on ABC News and The View? Well, you will be equally captured the man she is married to Emmanuel Hostin. What do you need to know about Sunny’s husband Mr.Hostin? I bet a lot. He is as interesting as his wife. Read up a Wiki on Mr. Emmaneul Hostin.

Who is Emmanuel Hostin?

Emmanuel Hostin husband of Sunny Hostin is first and foremost a doctor. He holds a Medical Degree in ‘Orthopedic Surgery’ from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1996. After graduation, he joined his University for internship and completed his training in 2001. Emmanuel Hostin did his fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System.

 Mr.Hostin co-own the restaurant Alvin & Friends in New Rochelle, New York with Alvin Clayton.

Doctor Emmanuel Hostin’s work credentials

Emmanuel Hostin

Dr.Hostin is well known for his work in the field of surgery. He is also a sports injury specialist. Emmanuel is an American Doctor born in the year 1953 in New York City. He is affiliated with hospitals like Mount Sinai West, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s. He is among the 65 at Mount Sinai West and the 156 doctors at Lenox, specializing in Orthopedic Surgery.

In 2010, Emmanuel traveled to Haiti a few times for Medical Missions after the terrible earthquake. People couldn’t pay him for his efforts, so he was paid in needlepoints – some of the most expensive things people in Haiti owned. Sunny and Emmanuel prominently display the needlepoints in their New York home besides their priceless paintings.

Emmanuel Hostin holds 3.5-star grade, from 11 reviews he got on HealthGrades.com.

Emmanuel Hostin married life:

The 47-year-old doctor married the lawyer turned TV host Sunny in a private ceremony in 1998. They held a small ceremony with a few close friends and family.Sunny Hostin was really happy to get Emmanuel as husband and together have two children, son Gabriel and daughter Paloma.  

Sunny Hostin with her husband  Emmanuel Hostin

Doctor Emmanuel Hostin has earned a big name and great respect for his work in the field. And although his net worth has not been disclosed yet, his wife Sunny Hostin has a net worth of approximately $2.3 million.

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