Stephen Miller Dating New Girlfriend, Katie Waldman – Who is She? Her Wiki, Bio

Katie Waldman is a press secretary in regards to the occupation. Over the years she has worked for several renowned Republican politicians such as Senator Steve Daines who represents Montana, and Senator Martha McSally. The latter is based in Arizona. Most recently, Katie Waldman was newly appointed to serve the office of the American vice president, Mike Pence. This comes as no surprise as she has always been a staunch supporter of the Trump administration. After all, her boyfriend is one of the closest and senior-most advisors to the POTUS. In this review, you will get to learn four exciting facts about Katie Waldman.

Who is Katie Waldman?

Katie Waldman is an American press secretary who has worked with a host of Republicans. Her job entails acting as a sort of spokesperson for these politicians. She is responsible for handling the media for them. Politics is something which she had had vast experience with, right from when she was a student at Florida University and heavily involved in student politics.

In addition to working for both Senator Daines and McSally, Katie Waldman has also applied her trade at the Department of Homeland Security. This is a position she would hold for two years before moving on to greener pastures.

Presently, she will assume the role of Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary after the first of October. Most of her former employers and workmates have praised her appointment to the vice president’s office. Her former officemates at the Department of Homeland Security had nothing but praise for her. Even Senator McSally spoke highly of her former press secretary.

Image of Stephen Miller girlfriend

Stephen Miller girlfriend, Katie Waldman

Facts about Katie Waldman – New Girlfriend of Stephen Miller

  • She is only 27 years old.

The newly appointed Press secretary for the vice president is not even 30 years old. There are undoubtedly great things on the horizon for her if she keeps advancing her career at this pace. Only time will tell what she will have achieved by the time she turns 30. Maybe she will have found her way to the president’s office by then!

  • Katie Waldman does not shy away from Controversy.

When she was a student at the University of Florida, she faced serious backlash after burning copies of the student magazine. As recently as 2019, she also came under fire for defending President Donald Trump’s stance on ICE, and the detention of immigrants. While the issue is highly sensitive, Katie Waldman did not shy away from airing her views, controversial as they were.

  • She is dating Stephen Miller.

Steven Miller is a political analyst and activist who closely works with the current American President, Donald Trump. Like Katie, Stephen is also a staunch Republican. When news of their relationship hit the airwaves, it almost broke the internet. This is because hardly anyone could believe it as Stephen Miller is usually painted in a particularly unflattering picture.

  • Katie Waldman went to the George Washington University

Besides attending the University of Florida, Katie also went to George Washington University, where she attained a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

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