Shawn Pomrenke Net Worth, Wife, Married, Dating, Measurements

Shawn Pomrenke is famous for his prowess in the Discovery Channel show, Bering Sea Gold. He is popularly referred to as Mr. Gold.

Shawn was born on March 26th, 1975, in Nome, Alaska. He has recently turned 44 years of age.  He went to Beltz High School, but dropped out at the age of only 14 years, so as to pursue a career in gold mining.

Mr. Gold is the firstborn of Steve Pomrenke in a family of two brothers; his second born brother is called Erick Pomrenke.  The producers of Bering Sea Gold approached him and his dad to take part in the show where they have featured from 2012.

He owns two companies; a mining and a machinery making company, which earned him a good fortune. Learn more about his life in the following paragraphs.


Shawn Pomrenke is the proud owner of two companies; Christine Rose and Shamrock high-line dredges.

He started his career at a tender age of 14 after dropping out of high school to pursue his passion. He has been co-running the mining business with his father.

Image of Shwan Pomrenke with his father Steve

Shwan Pomrenke with his father Steve

They were both approached by the Bering Sea Gold producers to be part of the founding cast members, which they agreed to. They have the most successful mining crew, Pomrenke Mining.

Image of Shwan Pomrenke from Bering Sea Gold show

Shwan Pomrenke from Bering Sea Gold show

Shamrock high-line dredge is a family-owned enterprise that is run by Shawn and his father, Steve.

Shawn co-founded Christine Rose, which is a high-line dredge machinery making company, which specializes in machinery for gold mining.

Shawn has built a large net worth from his mining business as we see below.

Shawn Pomrenke Net worth, and Salary.

Shawn has a solid foundation in his mining business, which he picked up from his father at a young age. He dropped out of school to pursue a career in gold mining.

He has done the business for the last 29 years, a period enough to have built a fortune. He has helped his father grow and expand their family-owned mining company, Pomrenke Mining.

Shawn Pomrenke has a net worth of $5 million.

Shawn has accumulated such a large net worth from his many years of earnings from gold mining. He has also managed to bargain a good salary with the producers of the Bering Sea Gold show.

Image of TV Personality, Shawn Pomrenke net worth is $5 million

TV Personality, Shawn Pomrenke net worth is $5 million

He is touted to be earning $200,000 per season from the show. He is also said to take home an annual salary of $450,000.

Shawn also earns a good income from his two companies Christine Rose and Shamrock high-line dredges. Shawn Pomrenke can be said to be making a good fortune from his multiple careers in gold mining.

Shawn Pomrenke married, wife, dating

Shawn Pomrenke has a great career running his businesses, but that hasn’t translated in his relationship management. He has had several flopped relationships.

In 2012, his girlfriend Jenny Schield appeared on the Bering Sea Gold, season 1 nursing his backstabs from a bar brawl. It actually looked like Jenny was his wife and they were getting along well, while that wasn’t the case. He later declared on an interview on that he is not married and wasn’t dating.

Image of Shwan Pomrenke is currently single

Shwan Pomrenke is currently single

Jenny Schield put it very clear on social media that they actually had a wedding where Shawn left her on the altar and taped a ‘wedding canceled’ sign on the door. What a guy!

Shawn’s children are Dylan, Catherine, Emily, Luke Pomrenke, and one other unnamed child all from different mothers.

Image of Shwan Pomrenke with his son Dylan

Shwan Pomrenke with his son Dylan

Shawn Pomrenke health updates (back surgery)

Shawn Pomrenke is a tough guy who has landed himself in the hands of the law. In 2012 Shawn had an altercation in a local bar with a no-local and was stabbed in his back. This made him be hospitalized for several days.

His wife was seen on show nursing his wounds while she made this statement:

“Nothing will keep Shawn out of the bars,” Pomrenke’s wife, Jenny, says while tending to wounds on his hand and back. “That’s where he does business.”

He wears braces on his teeth and rarely smiles.  He has never discussed what happened to his teeth.

Shawn is also reportedly a hot-tempered person who is sometimes seen arguing with his father on the show.

Shawn Pomrenke measurements: height and weight

Shawn Pomrenke’s body measurements seem not to be public.

Shawn Pomrenke wiki-bio Description
Full name Shawn Pomrenke
Nickname Mr. Gold
Date of birth (age) 26th of March 1975
Birthplace Nome, Alaska
Net worth $5 million
Mother Not known
Father Steve
Ethnicity/Race White
Brother Erick Pomrenke
Career Gold dredger and reality TV personality
Nationality American
Marital status Not married
Children 4 known (Dylan, Catherine, Emily, Luke Pomrenke)
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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