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Being young in the USA is not a disadvantage. Shane Dawson at just 30 years has made a name, and net worth that many people double his age haven’t done. What is his secret? The young man discovered the power of social media at a very young age. This is a field that is already creating millionaires.

Shane is consistent and persistence in his venture. Shane Dawson is popular due to his widely known YouTube channel, ‘Shane Dawson TV.’ He posts videos that are both comical and educative. He also does collaborations with other YouTube stars such as Drew Monson, Trisha Paytas, Miranda Sings, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, Sawyer Hartman, Liam Horne, and many others. Stick to this article and learn more about Shane Dawson’s early life, biography, career, personal life, and body measurements.

Learn more about whether Shane Dawson is dating to a boyfriend or is he single in 2019. Details about Shane Dawson’s net worth, siblings, and bio.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson was born as Shane Lee Yaw. He is a popular American YouTuber. He is known for being a writer and subject of his internet series, ‘Shane Dawson TV.’ In 2010 at just the age of 22 years, he was named the 25th most famous web celebrity by Forbes. Shane Dawson is also an actor, writer, film director, and songwriter.

Image of Youtuber, Shane Dawson

Youtuber, Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson’s career in the online world started when he converted his passion for designing videos into a business. Shane Dawson established his YouTube channel, ‘Shane Dawson TV’ on March 2008. He started by posting comic videos, web movies, music videos, and comic movie trailers. He has always made his fans glued to his channel. Some of the most popular videos are ‘Fred is Dead,’ which gathered 21 million views.

Shane is also a great filmmaker who has worked on successful films such as ‘Not Cool.’ In 2014, he handled a rejection by a producer who thought he was not a good fit for film production. He worked extra hard to beat another film called Hollidaysburg and was named the best. Shane Dawson won a cash prize of $250,000. He has also penned down some memoirs such as I Hate Myselfie.

Shane has received recognition for his superb work such as in 2010; he was named the Choice Web Star during the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. In 2011 he was also again nominated for the Choice Web Star Teen Choice Awards.

Wiki, Biography, Early life

Shane Dawson, an American Youtuber was born on July, 19th, 1988, in Long Beach, California, United States of America. Shane Dawson is an American citizen of white ethnicity. He was born to his mother, Teresa Yaw, and father, Kyle Yaw Jr. His parents have a mixed ethnicity of Swedish, Dutch, English, and Welsh. Shane grew up with two of his siblings who will be discussed later in this article. His father, Kyle, abandoned his family when the children were very young. Shane’s childhood was not as easy as any other child.

Shane Dawson was physically abused by his father, who had an alcohol problem. As if that is not enough, he went on to be bullied in school, causing him mental distress. All these problems made him have an eating problem, which made him obese at a young age. Now that his father had left them, Shane’s mother, Teresa, raised her children by herself. It was a big struggle. They say necessity is the mother of invention. The problems in his life motivated Shane to find a way to fend for himself and probably for his mother.

He developed a passion and interest in videos when he was a teenager. He would participate in video production for his high school projects. For those who know him very well say he used to post videos to do with his school life, such as home assignments. It is not public information on where he schooled and what educational background he has.

He is not only a YouTuber where he has a following of 21.5 million on his Shane channel, but also popular with his other social media profiles. He has about 3.7 million followers on Facebook, 10.5 million followers on Instagram, and nearly 8.2 million on Twitter.

Early career

Shane has not only stuck to his first channel, ‘Shane Dawson TV,’ but he has continued to build other channels with different target markets. He has built ‘ShaneDawsonTV2’, and then moved on to launch, Human Emoji which he hasn’t used from 2012. He has also launched his third YouTube channel called Shane that has garnered the highest number of viewers. In this channel, he uploads videos very frequently.

Caption: Shane Dawson most popular video from his channel ‘Shane’

Other Roles

He also gets to make money by looking for funding. He gets funding from organizations or people who want him to talk about a topic or product they have. In August 2010, Shane designed a thirty-minute video called ‘SD High’ sponsored by Take180 digital media group. It was about a young man in school who was interacting with other youngsters in the school. This was to become a hit video, but a TV station that had promised to produce didn’t do it. He never gave up but continued to try his hand on as many other videos as possible.

In 2012 he got more creative and started a show that showcased his journey to weight loss. Remember he was obese when he was a teenager. In the same year, he tried his hand on music by producing a song called Super Love, which he produced on iTunes. He also produced others like The Vacation Song, and Maybe This Christmas and Wanna Make Love To You.

The following year of 2013, Shane expanded his business by starting a podcast called, Shane and Friends. This podcast runs up-to-date. Shane never disappoints as he grew his weight loss videos in 2013 by working with Sony Pictures TV for NBC on a project called, ‘Losin’. The project was a comedy series about a formerly obese person who visits a center of obesity reduction to consult but ends up being the manager of the facility.

Shane Dawson Net Worth

What is Shane Dawson’s net worth? Shane has worked hard to earn himself a great net worth. At just the age of nineteen, he started a YouTube channel that would build a large following. It was never in his imagination that his net worth would have ever been raised from his poor background. From a troubled background and abusive childhood, Shane has been able to build himself a big name and net worth. Authoritative sources have documented Shane Dawson to have a net worth of $4 million.

Image of Media Personality, Shane Dawson net worth is $4 million

Media Personality, Shane Dawson net worth is $4 million

Having a viewership of over 22 million subscribers, his YouTube channel gets an average viewership of 4 million views per day. This makes him an income of about $16,500 per day. In a year he makes approximately $6.2 million. He also garners much of this wealth from his YouTube channel through paid viewership and sponsorships. With a subscription of over 21 million viewers, it means any big brand will approach him for endorsement or advertisements. Shane will continue to build his net worth.

Is Shane Dawson Gay? Meet his Partner

Shane Dawson is single. He has not been married to anyone yet. The YouTuber is in a gay relationship with Ryland Adams, which is in the open. Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have been dating since 2016.

Image of Shane Dawson with his boyfriend Ryland Adams

Shane Dawson with his boyfriend, Ryland Adams

They take photos together, which he posts on his Instagram profile. Shane’s fans have questioned his sexual orientations. Shane Dawson came out openly about his sexual orientation in a video on his channel. Shane said he received counseling and he now knows is bisexual.

Is Shane Dawson Married? Who is Shane Dawson Girlfriend?

Shane Dawson has had past relationships with women such as Lisa Schwartz.

Image of Shane Dawson with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz

Shane Dawson with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz

He later started dating former Clevver News host, Ryland Adams. They are in a gay relationship and are currently engaged. Shane’s Instagram profile has a photo of his engagement with Ryland on March 20th, 2019.

Shane Dawson Brother: Siblings

Shane Dawson has two brothers, Jacob Yaw who was born in 1980. He also has another older brother called, Jerid Yaw born in 1985. The brothers grew up very closely, having been born at close ages and brought up together by their mother. Both of his elder brothers helped him a lot in school when he would get bullied. They also played a big part in his weight loss journey. His brother Jerid has appeared in several of his videos such as ‘The Earth Being Flat.’ Jerid also has his own YouTube channel called, ‘Doubt Me.’

Personal life: Measurements

How tall is Shane Dawson? Shane stands quite tall at 6 feet and weighs about 79 kgs. He has now managed to maintain an average weight as per his height as compared to his teenage when he suffered from obesity.

Image of Shane Dawson height is 6 feet

Shane Dawson height is 6 feet

Shane Dawson Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Shane Lee Yaw
Nickname Shane Dawson
Date of birth (age) July 19th, 1988
Birthplace Long Beach, California, United States of America
Net worth $4 million
Mother Teresa Yaw
Father Kyle Yaw, Jr.
Ethnicity/Race White
Career YouTuber, songwriter, film producer and actor
Nationality American
Marital status Engaged
Sexual orientation Bisexual
Boyfriend/Partner Ryland Adams
Children None
Height 6 feet
Weight 79 kgs

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