What Happened to Ryan Buell from Paranormal State? Arrested, Cancer update, Dead, Now

Mistakes and false conceptions are two regular patterns which we deal from time and again. People make blunders that form a general scepticism among the mass; similar is the case with the famous producer of “Paranormal State”, Ryan Buell.

His fraud felony charges to his cancer hoax have created more and more deniable situations for the public to accept him as the right person. Summing up the whole, it has been a terrible career for him to counter take such cases within.

Here we will explore the real scenario about his professional and personal life, which has seen too many upheavals from cancer to arrests till now. Let us discuss his net worth, career and married life as a gay person. So stick with us!

Who is Ryan Buell?

He was born as Ryan Daniel Buell on the date of July 8, 1982, in Corry, Pennsylvania, USA. Ryan Buell is famous for being the former tv personality of the reality A & E series “Paranormal State”(2007-2011) as the main host, paranormal investigator, an author, and producer. He is well recognised for his paranormal investigation and books.

Also, he is best known for being the founding member of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS).

What happened to Ryan Buell from Paranormal State?

Ryan Buell’s “Paranormal State” is an American Reality Television Series which was aired on the date of December 10, 2007, and later on A&E network from May 2nd. The show became instantly escalated to high rating and made its first season passing 2.5 million rating mark.

Image of Ryan Buell from the TV show, Paranormal State

Ryan Buell from the TV show, Paranormal State

Ryan was the central character, producer and director of the show and everything with the show was directly related to him.  Moreover, he then began receiving mixed reviews and critics along the way who further questioned the authenticity of the show.

After his felony deeds were surfaced into the media portals, his popularity degraded and the show was cancelled with his career downfall.

Why is Ryan Buell Arrested?

Ryan Buell has been arrested for the two-thirds degree charge like fraud and misdemeanour for tickets purchased by fans. His bail was later diminished on 18th October 2016.

Image of Ryan Buell with his partner Sergey Poberezhny.

Ryan Buell with his partner Sergey Poberezhny

Recently again on 21st April 2017, he was arrested after being in an alleged fight between him and his boyfriend, Sergey Poberezhny.

Is Ryan Buell Dead or Alive? Cancer Updates

Ryan Buell is still alive and healthy. He did mention earlier about him dealing with Pancreatic cancer back in 2012. He said this whole scenario about his sickness through a lengthy Facebook post.

Image of American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell is still alive and healthy

American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell is still alive and healthy

However, fans later found out about his cancer, which was to ensure an escape enabling him to postpone the shows of bought tickets. His mother even mentioned that Ryan’s cancer was completely fake. She said so because of the love and care for his son, who was pushed into many criminal investigations.

What is Ryan Buell Doing Now?

Ryan Buell has started to pursue his career from the beginning by relocating in Pennsylvania and functioning in the advertising shows and also operating his own blog.

He has now commenced on being an active member of the entertainment industry. This seems better now, however, as per his fans, there is still the news of him taking money for events and later cancelling it. I hope he is doing well.

Fun Facts

Ryan Buell is originally an Italian and American ancestry.

He is bio-sexual according to his sexual orientation. Also, the name of his former boyfriend is Sergey Poberezhny.

Ryan Buell Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Arrested, Cancer

Full Name: Ryan Daniel Buell
Age: 37 years
Birth Date: July 08, 1982
Horoscope: Cancer
Birth Place:  Pennsylvania, USA
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Investigator, Author, Producer
Height / How tall : 6 feet 1 inches or 185 cm
Net Worth: $1.5 million
Spouse: ex-boyfriend: Sergey Poberezhny
Children: none
Social Media Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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