Rose Francesa Wiki & Bio: Everything know about Radio host Mike Francesa wife

Wives are always a big part of every married man’s life. Don’t you agree? Like, let us take the famous radio host Mike Francesa for an example. We know a lot about him and hear him in basketball games but we do not know about an important part of his life, his wife, Rose Francesa. Rose Francesa is the incredible wife of the incredible Mike Francesa and takes a look at their married life and kids.

Rose Francesa’s Married Life as Mike Francesa’s Wife:

Rose Francesa is barely a name you hear even if you are a fan of Mike but believe us that she is a big part of his life. Rose Francesa married her lovely husband Mike on 14th July 2000.

So that means that they have been happily married for more than 17 years now and they will be celebrating their wedding anniversary in next year’s summer.

Mike Francesa and Rose Francesa are happily married together since 2000s

Mike Francesa with his wife Rose Francesa

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They even have 3 kids together; she first gave birth to twins Emily Grace and Jack Patrick in 2005 and then a third child again in the next year Harrison James. The twins are 12 years old and Harrison is 11 already.

Mike Francesa and his son in the show

Rose Francesa’s husband Mike Francesa and son

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As we don’t get to hear much about Rosa, we cannot say a lot about their relationship but judging by what we know they lead a really healthy married life. Rosa or rather Roa as Mike likes to call his wife is rather a really caring and loving wife.

We can know a lot about their relationship from what we saw just a few days back. If you remember that Mike Francesa just recently bid farewell from his job as the host of WFAN some days ago.

Well, the sweetest thing happened when he was answering 85 guests in the penultimate show and the last caller was none other than his Roe.

She called him for the first time in her show. In return, Frank was sure to give a big portion in his farewell addressing to his wife and family.

Rose Francesa Bio:

Since Rose isn’t exactly a celebrity or radio personality like her husband so we do not know anything about her bio. Mike Francesa, however, is a different story; he was born on 20th March 1954 in Long Beach, New York, USA.

He is known for having hosted the radio shows ‘Mike and Mad Dog’ and WFAN. He has also worked with CBS from 1982 to 1993 as a Studio analyst and studio expert.

In his 35 years of Journalism 28 of which he dedicated to WFAN, he was awarded the Marconi award in 2012 and ranked number 1 in the 100 most important sports talk radio hosts 3 times consecutively in a row in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by Talkers Magazine. He is regarded as the best radio host in New York history.

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