What Happened to Roger Cook? His Latest Health, Cancer, Illness

Roger Cook is a famous personality known for appearing in the PBS channel reality TV show, This Old House. He is a veteran landscaper and contractor by profession. He has been suffering from an unknown disease that has not been specified by him.

Now, let us get to know more about Roger Cook through his bio, which includes Latest Health, cancer, illness, and many more.

Is ‘This Old House’ Roger Cook Sick?

Yes, This old house’s Roger Cook which is aired on the PBS channel, is indeed sick. Something was going wrong with his body was seen on the show, when he was seen limping. Besides, Roger’s movement was stiffed than before. Fans knew that he was not very well. Moreover, he is also too secretive about sharing his health and illness problems with his beloved fans.

Image of Roger Cook health update

Roger Cook from the TV show, This Old House

As per many people and sources, old age is the primary reason a person limps and had a weakened body state and condition. Hence, several people think this might cause of his slowing down and limping. Many fans have also speculated that he might have a severe injury on his leg. Others think he might be suffering from severe back pain or having spinal stenosis issue.

But these are just speculations and rumours as the man; Roger has not disclosed anything about his health status and illness.

What Happened to Roger Cook? Health Updates

Roger Cook was not seen in most parts of season 40 of This Old House. In season 49, he appeared to sick on the show. But nothing about his health status was not given by him in the show.

However, in the summer of 2018, Cook broke his silence and addressed his health problems. He wrote a letter to the fans and posted on the official site website of This Old House. In the letter, Roger confirmed that his appearances would be less and further states that he is currently different from the previous seasons.

Due to a deteriorating conditioning health condition, Roger Cook has to spend more time with his family and looking after his frail health. This means fans of This Old House should expect maybe a replacement professional on the show as Roger’s time on the PBS reality series is limited.

Roger Cook illness

Roger Cook is suffering some mystery illness that he has not been officially disclosed of now. He has not named what his illness’s name is and has not specified his illness condition. 

He claims that due to his illness, he is taking time off from the show, This Old House indefinitely. The appearance on the TV series will now be minimal as he has to stay with his family to recover from his unnamed illness.

Roger Cook Cancer

At the moment, there are many speculations concerning Roger Cook ‘s health conditions. Some sources claimed that That Old House star, Roger is suffering and diagnosed with cancer. However, such information is not official and has not been confirmed.

Image of This Old House cast Roger Cook cancer diagnosis

This Old House cast Roger Cook is suffering and diagnosed with cancer

Roger is keeping his private health update a secret and maintaining a low social media profile. The cancer rumours seem to false and have no base to it.

Where is Roger Cook now? Is He Healthy now?

Currently, Roger Cook is not doing well and trying to recoup from his illness. From his physical appearance, he is not doing well. 

Cook is not healthy and battling some severe illness. Hopefully, soon, we will get to know more about his health updates and illness status.

Fun Facts of Roger Cook

  1. He has a net worth of $11 million.
  2. Roger was seen limping on an episode of This Old House.
  3. He is suffering from a kind of unknown illness which he has not disclosed.
  4. People started to speculate about his health when he was not seen in season 40.
Image of TV Personality, Roger Cook net worth and salary

TV Personality, Roger Cook net worth is $11 million

Roger Cook Wiki, Bio, Health Updates, Illness, Cancer

Full Name Roger Cook
Age N/A
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White 
Profession  Garden landscape contractor and TV personality
Spouse Kathleen( died 2010)
Net Worth $11 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Martial Status  Single
Children  2
Zodiac N/A
Social Media N/A

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