Does ‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Have Any Possibility Of Divorce With Wife? Also, his Married Life & Kid!

Not every public figure disclose the piece of details regarding their private life. Celebrities have some fans, best-wishers and even haters who are interested to know about their private matters, such as married, divorce, girlfriend, dating and children. However, they also want to are aware of their lifestyle that they are enjoying. Their personal life isn’t private unless they try to maintain privacy on it. One of them is Robert Kirkman, let’s move on his story.

Robert, the co-creator of the popular series ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of those celebrities who have attained immense success regarding his career. But, what’s about his private life? Is this guy enjoying a wonderful married life? What about his Kids? Move on it.

Is Robert Kirkman Married or Not? A brief look of His Personal Life:

It looks like that his successful career overshadows his private life. If you are Invest all your time to know about him, the only details that you will gain about him is his career. Nevertheless, you might have known that he is married, but you know the lady to whom he is married?

Robert Kirkman's beautiful wife Sonia.

The talented American comic book writer Robert Kirkman’s beautiful wife Sonia.

Source: Twitter

Okay, one of the successful Comic book writers, Robert married his longtime girlfriend, Sonia. To fend off the gay rumors, we would like to say that he is a proud father of two adorable children. Kirkman and his beautiful wife Sonia together have two babies, a ten-years-old son named Peter Parker, who was born on April 25, 2006, and a five-year-old daughter whose name is still a secret. It seems like a happy family.

However, there are no any details about the sourness in his relationship with his beautiful wife Sonia as well. Till the date, the couple lives happily with their two kids, so there are no nay clues of their divorce. So, divorce just like a joke to them. So, look likes that his marriage or wedding life is running smoothly as he is serving together with his spouse to make their future perfect. Recently, the couple is living together in Kentucky in their luxurious house.

 Robert Kirkman, during an interview with host Seth Meyers on October 8, 2015

Walking Dead comic book creator, Robert Kirkman, during an interview with host Seth Meyers on October 8, 2015.

Source: gettyimage

The Short Wiki or Bio of Mr. Robert Kirkman:

The gifted American comic book writer Robert was born on 30th of November 1978. Famous for creating Invincible and The Walking Dead, Robert started his writing career with the 2000 superhero parody Battle Pope. The man is also famous for writing Marvel Zombies and Ultimate X-men. SO, he has been receiving enormous popularity from his inclining profession or work. However, Robert has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars in 2017.

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