Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg Married life. Know Her Children and Net Worth.

Rhea Durham is an American model who has graced the covers of top magazines such as  Italian Marie Claire, French Vogue, and British and American ELLE. By birth, she is of American nationality. Her ethnic background is white.

The beautiful model, Rhea Durham, was born in Lakeland, Florida, USA. She gained wide recognition for being the wife, Mark Welberg. The couple tied their wedding knot on 1 August 2009. Get to know more about the Mark Welberg’s wife Rhea Durham through her bio which includes her married life, children, net worth and several more.

Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg Married life. How did they meet?

Talking about Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg married life, the couple officially became husband and wife on 1 August 2009. Their wedding took place at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills.

Moving on towards their dating history, the duo first met at the New York Press Junket in 2001. After their initial meeting, the pair started to date from 2001 before getting eight years later in 2009.

Image of Rhea Durham with her husband Mark Wahlberg

Rhea Durham with her husband, Mark Wahlberg

Their daughter, Ella Rae Walhberg was born in 2003 before they exchanged their wedding vows.  She was followed by Michael Wahlberg ( born 2006), Brendan Joseph Wahlberg ( born 2008) and Grace Margaret Wahlberg (born 2010).

Rhea Durham Children

Rhea Durham and her husband, Mark Wahlberg, is enjoying a happy and blissful married life. The couple is also blessed with four lovely children.  Two daughters( Ella Rae Walhberg and Grace Walhberg) and two sons ( Michael and Brendan Joseph Walhberg).

Image of Rhea Durham with her husband and their kids daughter (Ella Rae Walhberg and Grace Walhberg) and son (Michael and Brendan Joseph Walhberg)

Rhea Durham with her husband and their children; daughter (Ella Rae Walhberg and Grace Walhberg) and son (Michael and Brendan Joseph Walhberg)

Ella Rae Walhberg: She was born on September 2, 2003, at Los Angeles, California. Rhea Durham’s eldest child and daughter, Ella Rae Walhberg was born before her parents married in 2009.  The star child was also seen attending red carpet events with her parents, such as Smile Gala.

Michael Walberg: He is the first son of Rhea Durham and Mark Walhberg born in 2006. Michael is enjoying a happy and lavish life with his parents and sibling brother and sister.

Brendan Joseph Walberg: He is the second son of Rhea Durham with her spouse, Mark Walhberg. The boy was born in 2008. Grace Margaret Wahlberg. He, like his other, is living a happy and memorable childhood with other siblings.

Grace Margaret Walhberg: She is the youngest child of Rhea Durham and Mark Walhberg. Grace was born in 2010.   The talented daughter of Rhea Durham, Grace bagged the first place in a Horse show.

Wahlberg Family Tree

The famous Wahlberg Family Tree branches out far and wide. The Walhberg family has tied in and has a relationship with famous American stars and celebrities which include Matt Damon, Walt Disney, Madonna, Halle Berry, Ben Affleck, and several more. The family is also related to some of the US renowned presidents such as  George Bush, Babara Bush,  Abigail Adams, etc.

The pioneers of Walhberg goes back to Donald E Wahlberg Sr, a delivery driver who married Alma Elaine, a bank clerk, and nurse aide. Together they have nine children; Michelle, Arthur, Tracey, Robert, James, Debbie, Paul, Donnie, and Mark Walhberg.

Rhea Durham Net Worth. How much is Mark Wahlberg Wife’s worth?

Rhea Durham’s net worth is at $ 20 million. The source of income comes from her career as a successful model. She is a highly sought after model and appeared in several magazines. Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham has walked and made her presence felt at 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Image of American model, Rhea Durham net worth is $20 million

American model, Rhea Durham net worth is $20 million

She was noticed by the Model Scout at the Lakeland Mall and won $1 million contract deal to travel Paris and  New York for modeling assignments. Meanwhile, Rhea Durham’s husband, Mark Wahlberg ‘s net worth is at $225 million. A beautiful couple of Mark and Rhea along with their children are currently enjoying a prosperous and luxurious lifestyle in their multi-million dollar mansion at Beverly Hills Home.

Rhea Durham Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Mark Wahlberg’s Wife

Full name  Rhea Durham
Age  41 years
Birthdate 1 July 1978
Birthplace Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity White
Profession Model
Spouse  Mark Wahlberg
Networth $20 million
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 59 kgs
Marital Status  Married 
Children 4
Zodiac Cancer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Alma Wahlberg Cancer, Health Updates, Sick, Weight Loss

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