Everything to know about darts champion Raymond van Barneveld – Details about his wife, net worth, weight loss and more

Raymond van Barneveld “Barney” is a Dutch professional darts player. He is one of the most successful darts players in the history who has won several world championships. Read on to know more about this dart champion’s wife and net worth.

Who is Raymond van Barneveld’s wife?

Barney is a married man. He has been married to wife Sylvia since past twelve years and they have been going great with their relationship.

With his wife, Barney shares three children – a son and two daughters. His eldest child, son Mike was born in 1989, daughter Daisy was born in 1992 and younger daughter Patty was born in 1994. He also has a grandson.

Raymond van Barneveld married to his wife Sylvia Van Barneveld

Raymond Van Barneveld and his wife Sylvia

Raymond van Barneveld’s health condition is affecting his darts career

In the documentary, The Power of Darts, which released in 2013, the dart champion confirmed that he is suffering from diabetes. In the documentary, he also disclosed that the disease has been affecting his vision, which is not good for his career.

Diabetes has affected more than just his vision. Barney has lost a significant amount of weight following his diagnosis. He is wary that time is running out on his career, and having slipped from his top rankings, he is aware that he needs to adhere to an active and healthy lifestyle if he wishes to continue to play darts like he used to in the past.

Dart Player Raymond van Barneveld & Robbie Green

Raymond van Barneveld with his opponent Robbie Green

Talking about his diet, Barney said, “I try to avoid carbohydrates like bread, rice, and pasta.”

He added, “I say to myself, “I will take it only once a day.” So, in the morning I eat egg, salmon, meat or fish. Then, in the afternoon, I eat maybe meat or fish. In the evening, I take carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta or bread.”

Barney has lost more than 30kg so far and he admits that the weight loss has made a massive difference. He said that the weight loss has been helpful for his eyes and his sugar levels but he also admitted that he played a lot better when he was 135kg.

During the golden days of his career, Barney has bagged a lot of prize money. In just last two years, he has won prize money of approximately $723,000. No wonder, he must have amassed a whopping net worth as well. However, details of his net worth have not been disclosed so far.

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