Pawn Stars Net Worth: How Much is Pawn Stars Family Net Worth in 2019?

Pawn Star is a reality TV show airing not just in America but in Australia and the UK also. The series started filming in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show documents the everyday transactions and incidents that occur within a Pawn Shop as experienced by the member of that shop.

The first season of this show was aired on July 2009. Since then till now it is 15 the fifteenth season running. Richard “Rick” Kevin Harrison Richard Benjamin “Old Man” Harrison,  Corey Harrison, and Austin Russell (Chumlee) is the main cast of Pawn Stars. 

Let us take a look at their net worth and biography. 

Pawn Stars Net Worth

Everyone must be wondering how much does these Pawn Star casts have. So here we will find out about their net worth and also properties. But, not here, let me introduce the character briefly first and then we will know about their net worth too.

Let’s not delay more on knowing the Pawn Star’s net worth with their biography.  We will be starting with the famous The Old Man from pawn star. 

Pawn Star The Old Man Net Worth

The Old Man’s real birth given name was Richard Benjamin Harrison. Harrison was born on March 4th, 1941 and sadly died on June 25, 2018. He was an actual business and an American Reality TV show star.  Richard was best known for being the co-owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

Image of Pawn Stars cast The Old man (Richard Benjamin) net worth and salary

Pawn Stars cast The Old man (Richard Benjamin) net worth is $8 million

The Old Man was a famous personality in the reality television show which airs on History Channel called Pawn Star. Harrison was the co-owner of their shop, which he opened together with his son Rick Harrison; we will go in-depth about him later. 

Talking about his net worth can you guess how much his net worth is? Don’t worry, even if you can’t let me tell you how much it is. According to The Cheat Sheet, we found out that Richard Benjamin has a net worth that is hardly $8 million. Well, hardly or not, that sure is a lot, right? Richard Harrison Sr. was making the salary of as much as 15,000 dollars an episode in 2014 not to mention the profits he savored from his successful Pawn Shop.

Pawn Star Rick Harrison Net Worth 

Rick Harrison is Richard Benjamin Harrison’s son. He was born on March 22, 1965, making him 54 years old. Rick is a straightforward going man who has an absolute ability to deal with customers. 

Rick has been in the profession for over 20 years now giving him a unique ability to know anything that is either fake or stolen — yes, stolen too! Similarly, The Old Man (Rick’s Father) and rick ran their family business together since the age of 13. Isn’t it admirable? 

Image of Pawn Star cast Rick Harrison net worth and salary

Pawn Star cast Rick Harrison net worth is $8 million

So, what is his net worth then? He has done the business for too long now, doesn’t that mean he should have a considerable amount of net worth? Well yes, according to various sources, the Pawn Star famous personality Rick Harrison has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Perhaps the salary that makes up his 8 million dollars net worth is too far to be mildly calculated. However, we don’t expect any less than a 7-figure-sum from a man like Rick, who was earning 2,000 dollars salary right after he started working at the young age of 13.

The father and son both earn quite a vast amount, right? If the net worth is $8 million, they have a lot of other properties, assets, and other items worth paying for.

ChumLee Pawn Star Net Worth

Chumlee’s given birth name is Austin Russell. He was born on September 8th, 1982, making him 36 years old. He is a chubby and a fun-loving person who is also really serious when it comes to working. His clumsy presence on the show makes people want to like him more and more.

Austin made his profession in the Pawn Shop through his childhood friend Corey Harrison. We will surely learn about Corey below. 

Image of Pawn Star cast Austin Russell (Chumlee) net worth and salary

Pawn Star cast Austin Russell (Chumlee) net worth is $5 million

So, what is the net worth and property of this clumsy, chubby man? According to Celebrity net worth, his net worth is around $5 million whereas he earns $25,000 per episode on the show. 

Corey Harrison Pawn Star Net Worth

Corey’s full given birth name is Richard Corey Harrison, who was born in 1983, April 27. Just like his father Richard Benjamin and his sibling, brother Rick Harrison, he is also a businessman and an American Reality TV star. People love him for his personality. 

The show Pawn star is filmed in Las Vegas with Corey and his family. He has a beautiful wike who goes by the name Korina Harrison. Korina is also well known as kiki. You surely are wondering about his net worth. Since the short wiki-bio is done, let’s look at it. 

Image of Pawn Star cast Corey Harrison net worth and salary

Pawn Star cast Corey Harrison net worth is $4 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Corey has a net worth, which is estimated to be around $4 million. And like his father and brother his source of income as a Pawn Shop owner and as a reality TV show star. Corey Harrison earns his enormous net worth from not just his vast salary from the show but also other ventures. He is even reportedly charging around 1,000 dollars as salary for a public appearance. Chumlee reportedly makes his unbelievable net worth from his equally implausible salary of nearly 25,000 dollars per episode.

Pawn Star Olivia Black Net Worth

Olivia Black is an American model and actress. She was born on May 14, 1986, which makes her 33 years old this year in 2019. She is best known for making her appearance in Pawn Star and as a producer in Hardcore Club Resort

Image of Pawn Star cast Olivia Black net worth and salary

Pawn Star cast Olivia Black net worth is currently not available

Olivia was unfortunately fired from the hit American show Pawn Star. For the total count, she appeared in 13 episodes of the show. Olivia Black’s salary, as well as her net worth, have not been calculated yet, says the Married Biography website. So, it is sad to say that we do not have any information on her net worth and other properties.

Now follow me down the end of the article as we are already near the end.

Pawn Star Dany Koker Net Worth

Dany Koker was born on January 5, 1964, which makes him 55 years old the current year. He is an American actor, musician, celebrity mechanic and a reality tv show star. The famous personality came to fame after his tv series Counting Cars and also his appearance on Pawn Star.

Image of Pawn Star cast Dany Koker net worth and salary

Pawn Star cast Dany Koker net worth is $13 million

While his salary still remains under review Celebrity Net Worth, has listed Dany Koker’s net worth at $13 million. His source of income is his profession as an actor, musician, celebrity mechanic, and reality TV show star. Sadly we do not have any information on his property, assets like his house, cars, etc. 

But, I will make sure to update the article once we find out more information on Dany, so I do hope you come back to recheck it. 

Pawn Star Craig Gottlieb Net Worth

Craig Gottlieb was born in 1971, and sadly, we do not have any information on his exact date of birth as he has not revealed it yet.  He is a militaria and antique dealer who came to fame after his appearance in the History channel’s hit tv show Pawn Stars. 

Craig’s father was a World War II veteran. This handsome fellow has got every physics from his loving father and is as strong as his father himself. His salary is not known yet, but we are sure it will come out soon enough. As per Craig’s net worth, it is known that his net worth is estimated to be approximately more than $8 million

Image of Pawn Star cast Craig Gottlieb net worth is $8 million

Pawn Star cast Craig Gottlieb net worth is $8 million

Pawn Star Net Worth Table

Name Net Worth
Richard Benjamin Harrison Hardly $8 million
Rick Harrison $8 million
Austin Russell (Chumlee) $5 million
Richard Corey Harrison $4 million
Olivia Black N/A
Dany Koker $13 million
Craig Gottlieb Over $8 million

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