Paul Martin Is Married To Charlotte Godfrey; His Net Worth, Wife & Children

Some people exuberate so much positivity and energy, no wonder how they are so likable. In the world of British Antiques, it is Paula Martin who always captures us with his infectious, energetic personality. This is why The ‘Flog It’ presenter has us curious about his married life and net worth.

So stick with us to learn all about his beautiful wife and lovely children. Along with that, Paul Martin’s net worth is also an important topic we cover. Make sure to read them all to know the lovable British presenter up close.

Who is Paul Martin? Wiki, Bio

Paul Martin, in the first name that comes up when you think of Antiques is like a synonym to the word. He was one of the most memorable hosts from ‘Flog It’ and various other TV shows like ‘Street Auction,’ and ‘Make Me a Dealer.’

Image of Flog It' Presenter Paul Martin

‘Flog It’ Presenter Paul Martin

Paul Martin was born on 5th January 1959, which makes his age 60. He was born in Teddington, but his family shortly made a move to Cornwall. There he would complete his education graduating from Falmouth Grammar School and then Falmouth College of Arts in arts and woodwork.

One of his first jobs came as a scenic painter for Pinewood Studios in movies like Dudley Moore starrer ‘Santa Claus: The Movie.’ His salary then was just £360 but considering his age was only 23, it was satisfactory.

Paul Martin Net Worth and Salary

It is not enough to recognize Paul Martin’s works as a presenter of ‘Flog It.’ After Flog It was canceled, he almost immediately appeared in ‘Make me a Dealer’ meaning his net worth was not mainly affected.

Aside from that he also appeared in ‘Street Auction,’ ‘Countryfile Diaries,’ and ‘Curiosity,’ the last one he envisioned together with his wife.

Paul Martin’s net worth is approximately $5 million. His current salary is believed to be 155 to 200 from the show. Paul Martin’s salary remains verification, but we can say that he does earn a handsome sum of money. Furthermore, Paul Martin has been earning from a young age.

In school, he worked as a petrol attendant earning £16 a day. Then after the painter job mentioned above, he showed a natural talent in flipping property.

He started with the garden flat he bought for just £24,000 but was able to sell for £60,000. Another home he used to own in 2007, he purchased for £780,000 was a run-down place. But the ‘Flog It’ presenter was sure he could turn it around to a £300,000 to £400,000 hike in the price.

Image of Paul Martin was a natural in flipping houses and property as a means of earning

Paul Martin was a natural in flipping houses and property as a means of earning

It is not just housing, Paul Martin is interested in, and that contributes to his net worth. He also has an interest in cars. According to him, his most significant profit was in a car. It was a Speedster 356 convertible Porsche he bought for £18,000 and selling it after modifications at £32,000.

Image of Speedster 356 convertible Porsche, like the one Paul Martin sold

Speedster 356 convertible Porsche, like the one Paul Martin sold

However, Paul Martin also laments his biggest regret was an investment in cars as well. It was a 1964 Ferrari; he bought for £32,000 dollars but knowingly had to sell it at a loss of £15,000. Had he waited, it could have been worse to sell the car later on.

Paul Martin Married Life and Children with Wife Charlotte Godfrey

Paul Martin is married to his longtime wife, Charlotte Godfrey. We don’t get to hear much about Paul Martin’s married life in his TV appearances. However, if you ever check any of his interviews, he can’t seem to stop gushing about his wife or children. With a lovely married and family life like Paul Martin’s, we can’t blame him.

Image of Paul Martin's children enjoying a visit to his advertising work

Paul Martin’s children enjoying a visit to his advertising work

Paul Martin married his wife Charlotte Godfrey in September 2007. Two years later Paul and Charlotte welcomed their child, Dylan William Martin in November 2009. Another two years later they had their daughter Meredith Elizabeth Martin in October 2011. So Paul Martin’s children are aged 9 and 7 respectively. He often shares a picture of both his son and daughter on his Twitter page like this one.

Paul Martin, together with his wife and children, resides in a period cottage located in the small village of Seend, Wiltshire. Their household 25 acres is also somewhat of a farm which comprises of various of his children’s pets.

Image of Paul Martin's wife rescued a cat which is now their new pet

Paul Martin’s wife rescued a cat which is now their new pet

The animals include ponies, geese, ducks, quails, a partridge, three dogs, and three stray cats. He also posted a picture of another cat his wife rescued in a recent Twitter post which means a new edition to the Martin family.

Paul Martin Health, Illness, Cancer

Paul Martin sure is a common name. We had difficulties writing this article because of many other personalities by the same name. There is a Canadian politician and a musician by the same title. An Irish Journalist also with the title Paul Martin had us confused out of our wits. We kept getting reports of Paul Martin having health problems and suffering from an illness.

It turns out that it was the Irish journalist by the same name who was suffering from cancer which generated the rumors. The British presenter, Paul Martin, we know is in good health and as energetic as ever.

Paul Martin Wiki Facts, Wife, & Children

Full Name Paul Martin
Age 60 years old
Birthdate January 5, 1959
Birthplace Teddington, Middlesex, England
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Profession TV personality, antique expert
Net Worth $5 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children 2 (one son, one daughter)
Wife Charlotte Godfrey
Social Media Twitter

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