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Noah Brown is popularly known as Mr. Fix, and he is indeed a real factotum. He has a penchant and a quest to know more because his interest drives him. He is the kind of people who even disintegrate almost everything to see how it looks inside and then he assembles it again. Noah first appeared in the Alaskan Bush People on 6th May 2014, and he casts together with Noah Brown family. His main interests are in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering.

His reading habit and experimenting made him a self-taught magician. He read magic books and tried things out until he mastered that art. At the age of 12, Noah was able to repair a broken boat radar and snow machine. Noah became his family’s technician, and they always sought his help in case of any technical hitch. At the age of 8 years, he discovered a bow, and he became a skilled archer. He uses it in hunting.

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Alaskan Bush People Noah Brown Wiki bio

Noah Darkcloud Brown was born on July 19, 1992, in Alaska. He is the son of Billy and Ami Brown, and he was born and brought up in the Alaskan Forest. Moreover, Noah was brought up surrounded by his family in the bushes. Brown’s family is hardy because they live in an environment where not many people can manage to live. Sometimes the temperatures go as low as negative 60 degrees and it almost unfathomable how they manage to live there.

In his childhood, he did not experience many modern things like TV and home entertainment appliances. His parents are conservative, and they do not like modern things. They live in an uncivilized way without altering nature’s format. He gained his name “Mr. Fix it” from his sharp skills in dismantling almost everything and assembling it back together. That is how he learned most of the skills that he possesses today. In other words, he is a self-taught student from the galore books that he reads. Noah has an extensive reading culture of two books per week.

Noah’s room does not look like the normal rooms that people live in. He has filled it with tools and scientific stuff out of all the things that he practices. In his quest for scientific knowledge, Noah even builds robots on his own without being taught by anybody. Furthermore, he even makes circuit boards without seeking assistance. Noah has a great hunger for knowledge, and he has no limits regarding a genre of the books that he reads. He reads anything that he comes across.

Is Alaskan Bush People Noah Brown Married?

Noah Brown is currently engaged to Rhain Alisha whom he met when Noah Brown family had briefly relocated to Beverly Hills. It was purposely due to their mother’s cancer treatment. However, Noah Brown girlfriend Rhain is blamed and slammed by fans for estranging him from his family. The duo got engaged on 12th April 2017, and he was so excited by those news to the extent that he took to Facebook to announce them to the world.

Image of Noah Brown with his wife Rhain Alisha

Noah Brown with his wife Rhain Alisha

Noah praises Rhain for being there for him even during his difficult times. Nevertheless, Alaskan Bush People fans don’t like her because they say that she took Noah away from his family. Both of them also relocated from the Alaskan Forest to live in Beverly Hills. The couple to be had a pre-wedding in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on 31st March 2018. Reliable sources have it that their wedding will be held in August 2018. On the other hand, word on the street has it that Noah Brown married Rhain secretly and she became Noah Brown wife.

Noah Brown Girlfriend or Dating

Noah is known to have been dating a girl called Christy, but they did not remain together for long. His girlfriend relocated to Anchorage to continue with her college education, and they parted that way. Rhain is even known to the fans of the reality show because she also appeared in the reality show in its 6th season. Unfortunately, fans never got along with her very well likewise to the Brown siblings.

Noah Brown Net Worth and Age

Alaskan Bush People star, is currently 25 years old, and his career has earned him handsomely. Noah Brown net worth is estimated to be $90,000, and he is continuing to acquire more and more. That is the money that he gets from the TV show.

Image of Noah Brown net worth is $90,000

Noah Brown net worth is $90,000

Noah Brown Family

Currently Noah brown lives in Beverly Hills with Rhain after he fell out with Noah Brown family. The chasm between him and his family is so evident to the extent that he did not invite them to his pre-wedding. However, they are planning to attend his wedding. The entire Noah Brown family was brought up in the Alaskan Forest. It comprises of Billy Brown, Ami Brown and their seven children. They are the main cast of Alaskan Bush People which is aired on Discovery Channel.

Image of Noah Brown with his family

Noah Brown with his family

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