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The success of Nia Renee goes beyond the looks. Apart from being the black beauty that she is, Nia Renee is a very talented actress. Apart from being one of the most reputable American actresses, Nia also writes. She has played interesting roles in various movies such as Long Distance, Santa Clara Diet and Who Looked For You This Week?

This article will try to answer some of the commonly asked questions about Nia Renee. It will explore Nia’s net worth, marriage life, family and other basic pieces of information about her.

Nia Renee Hill Net Worth, Age, Career

The beginning of this black beauty’s career was the role she played in the reality television series, ‘Divorce: A Love Story.’ From here, she got an opportunity to appear in other series such as Lia and Long Distance.

As a writer, Nia has over the years managed to come up with some of the most popular books in the market. Some of her works include Love and Beauty. Apart from the books, Nia has also proven that she can write for the entertainment blogs. Currently, she is a contributor to the Xo Jane Blog. The blog focuses on women and community issues.

In 2014, Nia contributed to the success of one of the world’s most famous movies. Here, she helped in the designing of the costumes for the actors. Moreover, Nia Renee was the talents coordinator for the Chappelle’s Show. At the moment, she is the casting assistant for the television series, The Education of Max Bickford.

Nia Renee was born in 1969, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is therefore currently 58 years old. When the parents divorced, Nia was raised by the father. This is contrary to the norm where most children are taken care of by the mother after the parents’ divorce.

Image of Actress Nia Renee Hill net worth is $1.2 million

Actress Nia Renee Hill net worth is $1.2 million

From writing, acting and filmmaking, Nia Renee earns some good money for herself. At the moment, Nia net worth is around $1.2 million. Added to her husband’s share of wealth, the two cumulatively command a net worth of approximately $ 5. 2 million. Compared to other artists in her profession, Nia Renee is not doing so well, at least monetarily speaking. All in all, they have enough to put food on their table and generally make life worth living.

Nia Renee Hill Married to Husband, Bill Burr. Meet her Baby and Pregnant

Renee got married to her longtime boyfriend, Bill Blurr, in 2013. The husband is a famous stand-up comedian. Furthermore; he is an actor, a writer, and podcast. Nia Renee first met Bill when he was working for a comedy show. It was an experience of love at first sight. The two soon began dating that would eventually end up in a marriage years later. When Burrs comedy began picking up, the couple decided to relocate to Los Angeles.

Image of Nia Renee Hill with her husband Bill Blurr

Nia Renee Hill with her husband, Bill Blurr

It only took a year for the couple to make it to the prestigious list of the ten Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Comedians. Last year, Nia and Bill Blurr were blessed with a child, a bouncing baby girl. Interestingly, a year has already passed, and the public is yet to know the name of the baby. Perhaps the couple feels that the infant is still too young for all the public glare and attention. Apart from her current marriage experience, Nia Renee has never had any other known romantic affair. This is quite outstanding considering the fact that most of the celebrity artists are often involved in countless love scandals.

Meet Nia Renee Hill Family. What is she doing now?

Nia’s mother and father have never been revealed to the public. She is of American nationality. Renee’s divorced when she was still a very young girl. After the divorce, she preferred to spend most of the time with her dad. The recorded facts do not reveal with Nia Renee had any siblings. It could be possible that she was the only child in her family.

Presently, Nia has a new family to boast of; a husband and a pretty daughter. Nia Renee does not have any rumors or controversies surrounding her personal life. So far, she appears to be a very rational and considerate character.

At the moment, Nia continues to build on her career while taking care of her young family. She is a very heavy social media user. However, she only indulges on Twitter and Instagram. She is a not a fan of Facebook.

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