Neal McDonough’s Son, Morgan Patrick McDonough Wiki-Bio, Parents, Grandparents

Morgan Patrick McDonough is a 13-year-old son of the superstars Neal McDonough and Ruve Robertson. So how did such a young boy become so popular that you have to come and read about his little biography? Well, gotta say that is all thanks to his amazing mother and father. 

Don’t you want to know more about this little child’s bio and perhaps even net worth? So why wait for, come follow me down to this article and we will know more about him step by step.

Starting up with his wiki-bio.

Who is Morgan Patrick McDonough? Wiki-Bio

Morgan Patrick McDonough was born in 2005, 8th of November as per his available wiki-bio. The location of his birth still remains unknown. His nationality and ethnicity also remain unknown. Perhaps because he is too young his information has not been revealed yet. 

Morgan is the son of a famous former bikini model Ruve Robertson and a famous American actor and voice actor Neal McDonough. The child is just 13 which means we surely do not have the information about his education. 

Image of Morgan Patrick McDonough parents father Neal McDonough and mother Ruve McDonough

Morgan Patrick McDonough parents; father (Neal McDonough) and mother (Ruve McDonough)

It is thought that he will also go to be like his mother and father, a famous personality in the future. It is sad to say that we do not have much information on him. 

Now let us move to know about his parents.

Morgan Patrick McDonough Parents; Father and Mother

Morgan Partick’s father name is Neal Patrick McDonough who was born on February 13, 1966. He is best known for his role as Sean Cahill on the famous TV series named Suits.  Neil is also famous for his cast on HBO miniseries named Band Of Brothers which was also a huge hit. 

Image of American actor, Neal Patrick McDonough Wiki Bio

American actor, Neal Patrick McDonough

McDonough was nominated and won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a comedy series called Desperate Housewives. Morgan’s father Neil is well-known for his excellent acting in the industry. 

Similarly, Morgan’s mother Ruve Robertson who is a former Brazillian bikini model. She grew up in South Africa. Ruve is a fitness lover and mot much about her days is available just like her son Morgan’s. It is sad to say that her father passes away in December of 2016.

Image of Model, Ruve Robertson Wiki Bio

Model, Ruve Robertson

Morgan’s parents’ mother Ruve and father Neil married in 2003. Neil had to say that he fell in love with his wife the moment his eyes met her while in London. Since then, the two have been living a happy life with four children. 

Since we are done looking about Morgan’s parents, why don’t we take a quick look at his grandparents and siblings?

Morgan Patrick McDonough Grandparents and Siblings.

Now, let us have a look at Morgan’s grandparents aka Neil’s parents first. Morgan’s late grandmother Catherine McDonough died due to some unknown reasons. Her date of birth is also yet to be revealed. 

Image of Morgan Patrick McDonough father Neal McDonough, grandmother Catherine McDonough and with his siblings

Morgan Patrick McDonough with his father Neal McDonough, grandmother Catherine McDonough and his sisters

Similarly, is grandfather’s name is Frank McDonnough. We do not have information about him too as it is not revealed but we will make sure to update the article soon and provide you with the information.

Moreover, Morgan grew up alongside his three little siblings, sister Landon Jane McDonough, sister Clover Elizabeth McDonough, and sister Cathrine Maggie McDonough. The four siblings had quite a peaceful and luxurious childhood. 

 Since we are done with looking at gis siblings and grandparents. Now we will be moving on to know about his age and birthday. 

Morgan Patrick McDonough Age, Birthday.

Morgan was born in 2005 that makes him 13 years old in 2019. He celebrates his birthday every year on November 8th. 

This concludes the article on Morgan Patrick McDonough. We are aware that we have missed a lot of information since they are not available. But we will make swear to update the article once more information about organ Patrick McDonough is revealed. So do come back to check the article once again.

In the end, let us look at some fun facts of Morgan’s life and a quick wiki-info table about little details of him and end the article there.

Fun Facts about Morgan Patrick McDonough

  • Morgan’s parents fell in love with each other and it was love at first sight.
  • Though being the eldest he is treated like the youngest in the family
  • Morgan’s father Neil loves them more than himself and his career.

Morgan Partick McDonough Wiki, Bio, Parents, Siblings

Name Morgan Patrick McDonough
Age 13 years
Birthdate 2005
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Neal McDonough
Mother Ruve McDonough
Net Worth N/A
Height  N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Single
Social Media N/A

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