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With reality television shows, the beginning of a new season could mean a new chapter for the fans. This is because a cast member may be lost in that they may resign or no longer be part of the crew. This said you must be excited to find out if D. B Sweeney from Mountain Men will be part of the next season of the series right? While we strive to inform you of this, be prepared to get a bunch of information from this piece. Not only will it tell you about D. B. Sweeney’s net worth but it will also go ahead and provide his career details, and yes it will also reveal D. B Sweeney’s wife and children. We will also focus on the man’s bio. His family is a very important aspect of his life.


D. B Sweeney is an American actor. Sweeney was born on the 14th of November 1961 in Shoreham, New York. However, D. B is not his actual name but an abbreviation of his full name, Daniel Bernard. Although the names of D.B Sweeney’s parents are not given, his father was an educator and his mother a worker at the municipal government.

There is no mention of his siblings in his biography or any of his interviews. Details about his height and weight are yet to be known. As for his education, he completed his high school in Shoreham-Wading River.

He then attended Tulane University in 1985, before moving on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in drama from New York University, Tisch School of Arts. Maybe it would excite you to know that while the gentleman was still in college, his greatest desire was to become a professional baseball player. Sadly, he could not achieve this dream as he got involved in a motorcycle accident.

The accident was so severe that it affects his sports career. We didn’t forget about his nationality and ethnicity. The star is a white American. Although his weight remains he enjoys a height of 6 feet.

Image of D.B. Sweeney height is 6 feet

D.B. Sweeney height is 6 feet


The star’s career can be traced back to Mountain Men. It followed with television shows like Spender for hire and The Edges of Night. Here, he was not a cast member but a guest on the shows. Other shows where he constantly made appearances include but are not limited to Jericho, House, Event, Crash, Criminal Minds and Castle.

From 1997 to 1998, the guy made appeared as a cast member in a TV Show titled C-16. Since them, he began casting in shows such as Fire in the Sky, Shoeless Joe Jackson in Eight Men Out, Francis Ford Coppola’s Garden of Stone, Lonesome Dove, Memphis Belle just to mention a few.

In 2015, he featured in a movie known as Extraction which was well received and appreciated by its fans. About the narration, it began with voicing Iguanodon Aladar in 2000 Disney CGI animated film known as Dinasour. From there he also voiced Life as we know it. Currently, the gentleman does bit only engage in narrating the television show Mountain Men but also lends his voice to The Legend of Korra.

D. B Sweeney net worth

B Sweeney’s net worth is among the highest one in Mountain Men. This is because, in 1995, the gentleman purchased a mansion of 3025 square feet which was worth $1. 025 million. The mansion houses three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Back to D. B Sweeney’s net worth, the gentleman pockets an estimated net worth of $2.6 million as of 2019. Of course, attributing to such a huge net worth are his television appearances.

However, D. B Sweeney’s net worth has also emanated from other business deals and brand endorsement. Particularly, the gentleman has endorsed brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere, Lincoln cars, ConocoPhillips, Major League Baseball and Budlight.

Image of American Actor, D.B. Sweeney net worth is $2.6 million

American Actor, D.B. Sweeney net worth is $2.6 million

D. B Sweeney is Married to Wife Ashley Vachon.

The star is married, and he has not kept it as a secret. If you visit his social media handles particularly his Instagram, you will come across some photos of him and his family. In the photos, there is this beautiful lady called Ashley Vachon.

Image of D.B. Sweeney with his wife Ashley Vachon

D.B. Sweeney with his wife, Ashley Vachon

Ashley Vachon is D. B Sweeney’s wife. The duo got married in April 2000 hence they are almost celebrating two decades of marriage. D. B Sweeney’s wife has been able to bless the star with two children, a boy, and a girl.

The girl identifies as Cody and the boy identifies as Cade. Their son Cade was born on 26th August 2001, and Cody was born on the 16th day of April 2004. Other than this, there is no tangible information about their children.

So far, the couple has not experienced any relationship dramas hence safe to state that D. B Sweeney and his wife are enjoying a happy married life.

What is he doing now? movies updates.

There is no need to worry about failing to catch up with the star of Mountain Men in the next season of the show. This is because the guy is still part of Mountain Men television series.


D. B Sweeney is an American television actor, businessman and brand endorser. As a result, he has yielded a surplus amount of net worth He is famous for narrating the Mountain Men television series. The guy is also a married wife with two children.

Quick Facts.

Name Daniel Bernard Sweeney
Age 58
Birthdate 14.11.1961
Birthplace Shoreham, New York
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV Actor, brand endorser, businessman
Networth $2.6 million
Wife Ashley Vachon
Children 2
Height 6 feet
Weight Not Known

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