Minoo Rahbar Biography: Everything about Jackson Galaxy Wife.

If you are interested in Minoo Rahbar, then learn everything about Jackson Galaxy’s wife in this article. We will observe her life in detail and dig up information on her career, net worth, salary, before diving into her personal life.

This will be explored by looking at her married life, as well as finally discovering if she has any children or not. We will have a detailed wiki-bio, including her net worth.

Minoo Rahbar Net Worth and Salary

Minoo came into the limelight because of her husband’s fame. Jackson Galaxy is a reality star who hosts Animal’s planet My Cat from hell. As such, he has a very stable net worth. Jackson’s net worth is approximately $ 1.5 million. Minoo Rahbar’s net worth, however, remains undisclosed and under review.

Image of Wiki-bio of Animal rescuer, Minoo Rahbar net worth is currently not available

Animal rescuer, Minoo Rahbar net worth is currently not available

Most of her work is volunteer-based, so it is tough to determine how much she earns in terms of salary. She is active on social media, so this might provide another avenue for the net worth of the animal activist. Social media personalities are usually compensated for the use of ads on their pages. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to get the opportunity at these sorts of sponsorships.

Minoo Rahbar Career Info.

Like her husband, Minoo Rahbar is also a very active animal activist and rescuer. She runs an organisation that helps rescue several animals that are injured or abandoned. Most of her social media is riddled with stories of pictures of cats and dogs that her organisation has saved. She also tries to get these animals adopted and into new loving homes. The work Minoo does speaks volumes of her character.

How many people can dedicate most of their lives to saving animals? Despite being alumni of UC Berkeley, she did not pursue an office career as most people would. She instead chose to work to protect and care for animals on a volunteer-based system which is not a high paying career, but Minoo still does it with gusto.

Her enthusiasm is evident all over her social media as she talks about protecting animals, being vegan, and all the health benefits that could come with the lifestyle. Her hard work and love for animals were recognised in 2011 when she received the advocacy award for kitten rescue at the 4th Annual Furball held in West Hollywood.

Minoo Rahbar Married life, Husband

The animal activist is, in fact, a married woman. Minoo is married to fellow animal rescuer husband, Jackson Galaxy. They met while Jackson was on a kitten rescue mission to acquire funds for his organisation. The attraction was instant, and he would ask her out for coffee.

Image of Married life of Minoo Rahbar with husband Jackson Galaxy

Minoo Rahbar husband, Jackson Galaxy

Their match was a one made in heaven, as their shared interests would suggest. Never have we ever seen two people better suited for each other. They enjoy a life filled with happiness and shared goals. The happy couple’s wedding took place on the 29th of June, 2014. To say that it was an exciting ceremony would be putting it mildly. The service took place at the Best Friends Animal Society, a pet sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

The couple’s dog was the official ring bearer. It was an intimate setting with only close friends and family in attendance. Ever since then, the couple has gone from strength to strength, spreading their message of love as they seek to raise awareness on animal rights. So far, the couple is coming into five years of blissful marriage, happily shacked up in Los Angeles with their loyal dog.

Minoo Rahbar Wiki Bio

Minoo Rahbar was born in Los Angeles, California. Though her exact birth date remains a mystery, we have gauged her to be somewhere in her mid30s. Not much else is known about the fiery animal rights activist in regards to her childhood and even family. But we can deduce that her love for animals must have stemmed right from a very young age.

For her education, she went to U.S. Grant High School, Van Nuys, CA. Upon completion, she would enrol at UC Berkeley, where she would graduate with a degree. While in college, we can assume that she was still advocating for animal rights. She got even more involved with rescuing animals after school, aligning herself with people and organisations with similar mindsets. This is what would put her on the same path with her future husband, Jackson Galaxy, and the two would go on to build a beautiful and wonderful life together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Minoo Rahbar Age, Wiki Facts

Full name Minoo Rahbar
Age The Mid-30s
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession Animal rescuer, animal rights activist
Net worth Unknown
Husband Jackson Galaxy
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Parents Unknown

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