Mindy Cohn is Lesbian? Or she is married and has a husband?

It is not very rare to see actors losing their status over the years, but it is rare that they do it by choice. Mindy Cohn happens to be one of such actors who was famous in the 80s for her involvement in the show ‘The Facts of Life.’ However, we have not seen her around much since then and also have almost no information about her personal life. Is she married with a husband or are the lesbian rumors about her true?

Mindy Cohn lesbian Rumor & relationships

Mindy Cohn is undeniably a TV icon of the 80s due to ‘The Facts of Life’ but after the show, Mindy rarely steps into the limelight, and same goes for her personal life as well. She is not married yet, so any news of her husband is false.

However, in an interview with ‘Huffington Post’ in 2013 has given a full update on her relationship status. She is currently single and not seeing anyone, but that does mean that she does not have an interest in having a husband, children, and family of her own just like any other person.

“Sure I want a husband, kids — a family of my own. I always have”,

she said as she glamorized the situation with a rather cliché statement, “I was married to my career.” However, we all know that Mindy was just not interested in any mainstream reality show she was presented with and also had her plate busy with dealing with Breast cancer. So, although Mindy does not have a husband or kids, she is still open to having a family one day.

When you don’t tend to not have much on your personal life people, tend to make up things. Same goes for Mindy as well who was deduced to face gay rumors by different sources.

But like the interview already clears out she is not a lesbian. The rumors of her being gay must have reached the ears of Mindy Cohn too as she also posted the following statement on her twitter confirming she is not gay.

Where is Mindy Cohn now?

Mindy Cohn as of now is not involved with any movies or TV shows, but that does not mean that she is not active in other sectors. In fact, just recently she received a lot of limelight when she broke very big news about her life to the media. She came out as a survivor of a five year long battle with breast cancer. She revealed about her exhausting battle against cancer and her double mastectomy. In 2017, shehas turned out to be an unexpected representative for Breast Cancer Survivor now.

Cancer survivor: Mindy Cohn in black t-shirt

Mindy Cohn is a breast cancer survivor

Source: CBS News 8

Mindy Cohn Net Worth & Bio

Mindy Cohn as all of her fans know played the role of Natalie Green in the famous almost decade long-running sitcom ‘The Facts of Life.’ This was certainly her most iconic roles; she eventually featured in various movies and TV shows like ‘Hot in Cleveland,’ ‘The Secret Life of The American Teenager’ and ‘The Middle.’

She has also given another significant performance as the voice of Velma Dinkley in the cartoon shows ‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’ and ‘What’s new, Scooby-Doo?’ and also won a Daytime Emmy for. All in all her career of work has earned her a staggering net worth of nearly 600,000 dollars.

Mindy Cohn was born on 20th May 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She still resides in Beverly Hills, California. Mindy graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an Alma master. She is a very keen supporter of LGBT community and proudly expresses it.

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