Michael Masland from Alaska: The Last Frontier Died – Know What Happened?

Michael Masland is a renowned American producer famous for Discovery channel reality TV show, Alaska Last Frontier. Besides being an accomplished producer, Masland is a director, cinematographer and writer. The multi-talented Michael passage at the young age of 43 as the result of complication suffered from cancer on October 14, 2015.

Read the following article about the accomplished producer, Michael Masland, who was taken away by death prematurely. Scroll down to know more about his bio and his untimely death.

Alaska: The Last Frontier’s Michael Masland died. His Wiki Bio

Michael Masland was born on September 3, 1972, in the United States of America. He is the son of Jim Masland( father) and Michelle Masland(mother). Besides him, Michael had two siblings in his family. The name of his siblings areĀ Jon (Monica) Masland and Jim (Nathalie).

Michael Masland was a brilliant producer who was widely recognised for his works in several TV reality series such as Alaska Last Frontier, Dangerous World, Weapons Masters. Furthermore, he has been credited as a producer in the show which includes American Titans, Shark Week, North America, ShipWreck Men etc. and TV movies such as Lair of the Mega Shark, Capturing Oswald, Dive to the Bottom of the World, City2.0 and many more.

Furthermore, he has directed TV series, Tattoo Hunters and was the cinematographer for Surviving West Point and National Geographic Explorer.

Similarly, Michael also has been a writer for an episode of the documentary TV series, Dangerous World in 2007.

Michael Masland Death: How did we lose him?

However, the highly talented producer, Micheal Masland sadly passed away on October 14, 2015, following cancer complications in George Town Hospital, Columbia, Washington DC.

Image of Alaska Last Frontier, Michael Masland died at the age of 43

Alaska Last Frontier, Michael Masland died at the age of 43

It was a sad day for the family of Michael. He died at only the age of 43. He left behind his loyal wife, Katie and four children. The names of Micheal Masland children are Jonah Lecompte and Jack Bondat Masland (Sons) and Mary and Elizabeth Masland(daughters).

He will surely be missed by his family and fans alike. Collins Funeral Homes conducted Michael Masland’s funeral. To know more about Michael Masland funeral process. Click on Legacy.com.

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