Metro Boomin Net worth and career

Behind every successful song, there’s a skilled producer. Leland Tyler Wayne is an American record producer and DJ, widely known as Metro Boomin. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Metro Boomin has collaborated with a great number of American hip hop artists. He produced instrumentals for huge names in the industry, such as Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Drake, Future, Gucci Mane and many others. The 23 years old producer got into music at a very young age. He was making beats while he was still in high school. In his early days, his mother used to drive him across states in order for the young man to collaborate with artists who he had met online. He is now one of the best hip-hop producers out there, with fans all around the globe. So let’s see how he built his career and what his net worth is.

Metro Boomin as DJ/Producer

Caption: Metro Boomin as DJ/Producer

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Metro Boomin’s net worth

At the young age of 23, Leland has got himself a pretty fat net worth, so far. This net worth is mostly generated by his beats. Boomin seems to be the first name that pops for young artists who want to get their name out. While he does collaborate with some of the greatest artists in America, who are guaranteed to bump his net worth constantly, Metro does not stop there. Humble and intelligent, Young Metro also helps starting artists, giving them a chance to make it big, or at least a starting point. Leland has also released one mixtape and one EP under his name, which are also a great contribution to the guy’s net worth. In 2016, Boomin earned almost half a million dollars only from Drake’s ‘Jumpman’. With the song’s popularity skyrocketing, Boomin’s net worth received a pretty noticeable boost.

Caption: Metro Boomin performing “Jumpman” at SXSW

Recently, Metro got into DJing. He also designed shirts and sneakers, as well as a collection of touring merch, which proved to be a great source of income. In conclusion, with the massive amount he earns with some of the greatest rappers out there, added to his EP and mixtape sales, the producer’s net worth is a whopping $14 million.


Leland was born in on 16 September 1993, in St. Louis, Missouri. He got into music at a very young age. Initially, he played bass guitar for the school’s band. He started making beats at the age of 13, using Fruity Loops, a fairly easy to use software. He was very passionate about this, as he used to make more than 5 beats per day. First, he wanted to rap, so he created the beats for himself. Later, he realized he enjoyed creating beats more than rapping, so he focused more on this. While he was still attending Parkway North High School, Leland managed to get in touch with a few rappers. The first important rapper to collaborate with Leland was OJ Da Juiceman. His connection with OJ brought the opportunity to work with other great rappers. Shortly after, Leland was working with Gucci Mane and Future.

After high school, Metro moved to Atlanta, where he attended Morehouse College, pursuing a degree in Business Management. After only one semester, he decided to drop out and make producing a full-time gig.

In 2013, Metro released his mixtape, ’19 & Boomin’. The mixtape featured many artists, such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, and Future. One year later, Future released ‘Monster’, with Metro as an executive producer. Since then, the producer has collaborated with a ton of other artists, including Kanye West, Drake, DJ Esco, Lil Uzi Vert and Migos. Starting at a very young age, Metro Boomin climbed the ranks quickly. He is now one of the most trusted producers in the industry.

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