Maureen Blumhardt Biograpy: Facts about Charles Barkley Wife.

Even if you aren’t a very much of a famous person or let’s just say, you don’t want to worry to be recognized because there is always one way or another which is get married to an attractive person, and become star automatically. Yes, this is just a funny talk; let’s know about Maureen Blumhardt, a star NBA player Charles Barkely’s wife. Maureen is married to someone to whom calling legend even a master of the sports industry will not be a mistaken.

Maureen image of Blumhardt with her friends

NBA star wife Maureen Blumhardt with her friends in 2015.

Source: Facebook

One of the beautiful ladies Maureen got married to the power forward legend of the NBA history Mr. Charles Barkley in the years of 1989. But the exact date and the venue of the wedding are still a mystery. But according to the time provided the date, they have been hitched for 28 years now.

When and Where Mr. and Mrs. Barkley Met?

Now, let’s wind back the timer and know how the beautiful couple met for the very first time. At the period of their first date, she was serving as a legal assistant and a part-time model in Bucks County.

But they mistakenly caught each other’s at a City Avenue hotel, nevertheless, given the time and the thinking of community they only thing the beautiful pair got when they were together was objecting to gazes stars and inaudible mumbles.

Who’s Legend NBA Player Charles Barkley’s Wife Maureen Blumhardt?

As for what we know about Blumhardt. She previously served as a Legal supporter and model when she first met with her NBA star husband Barkley. She is a faithful helper of women rights and is an honorary member of the Fresh Women’s Organization. However, the couple’s marital relationships in the late 90s grow lots of controversies, but why?

Yeah, because this legend African-American basketball star was in a deep relationship with a white lady, so there was a huge contradiction between husband and wife.

Beautiful Maureen Blumhardt with her NBA star husband Charles Barkley.

Source: Twitter

However, they so all those controversies the beautiful couple again tried to keep their relations strong, thanks they got success on it, and still, they are happy together though.

Well, there are many interesting facts about the couple marriage, while they secretly got married in front of a judge. So, besides some incident the couple’s relations still going very well and no chance of them divorce. But considering the net worth of spouse is also property, the couple’s net worth is an estimated to be $40 million dollars in 2017.

Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt have a daughter named Christina Barkley.

Many people think that they had a son together, but much to their surprise, Maureen, and her NBA legend husband have a daughter as old as their wedding. Their daughter name is Christiana Barkley, who was born the same year they got wed which in 1989. Till to date, there have been rumors about the pairs to have another baby. If they needed to have a son, they would have done so.

Christiana Barkley with mom dad

Beautiful Family Christiana Barkley (Left First) with her parents and friends.

Source: Instagram

Christiana Barkley, the 28-years old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Barkley, graduated from Villanova and recently she attends Columbia Journalism School. In April 2016, Christiana was seen cheering for Villanova and fans speculated it might have been because of his strained relationship with NBA star Michael Jordan. As he was leaving the stadium. However, she said cameras he was rooting for Villanova because it’s where Barkley graduated from.

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