Is Matt Moneymaker Married? Know his Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Real Name, Wiki/Bio

Matt Moneymaker is a mysterious man just like the mysterious simian-like creature called the Bigfoot. Can you imagine thriving on a mystery that no one has ever had a photo on? Matt Moneymaker has chased this dream of ever sighting a Bigfoot/Sasquatch throughout his life. Matt comes from a lawyer practicing family, but he never went down that road in his career life. He has a law degree that is gathering dust on the shelves.

Details about Matt Moneymaker’s married with a wife and children. Also, find out more about Matt Moneymaker’s net worth and salary.

Who is Matt Moneymaker? Wiki, Bio, Age

Matt Moneymaker was born on September 2nd, 1965, which makes him 53 years of age. He was born to his father, Richard Moneymaker. There is no information about Matt Moneymaker’s mother and siblings. He was born and raised in Hollywood Hills’ Los Feliz district.  He is an American citizen of white ethnicity.

Matt grew the interest of the Bigfoot when he was as young as 11 years. He would watch many 1970s documentaries on the Bigfoot. He has made this his life and career which has earned him a great name and prominence.

Matt Moneymaker Real Name

Matt’s real names have always been a mystery to many. His second name is said to have been adopted by his great-grandfather when he migrated from Germany to the United States of America. He hid his second name so that the German identity could be concealed. This has now been passed on to the family’s tree ever since his great-grandfather. Therefore, Matt Moneymaker has a German genealogy.

Early life, Career, Education

Matt Moneymaker studied at the University of California where he graduated with a Bachelor in English Literature in 1992.  He proceeded to acquire a Juris Doctorate from the University of Akron’s School of Law. While studying at the University of California, he continued on with his interests on the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot has ever been sighted in the mountains of Ventura County in California in 1987. The show captures him taking his colleagues through the incident when he first sighted the creature in the southeast of Kent, Ohio. This incident revamped his vigor to find this animal. He has combed the bushes of eastern Ohio in the early 1990s trying to find it.

In 1995, Matt Moneymaker started the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). The following year he started an internet site where people would record their eyewitness reports. He has co-worked with other producers on such shows as, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Mysterious Encounters and Monsterquest.

Image of Matt Moneymaker from Finding Bigfoot show

Matt Moneymaker from Finding Bigfoot show

He went on further to host a very popular show, Finding Bigfoot in 2011 that airs to-date. The show is aired on Animal Planet Channel.

Transition to Finding Bigfoot

Matt Moneymaker is the main host for the Animal Planet’s show, Finding Bigfoot. Before he started the show with Animal Planet, Matt Moneymaker had already done a lot of research and expeditions on the Bigfoot phenomenal.  He works closely with his team of Bigfoot finders like Cliff Barackman, James Fay and the scientist Ranae Holland. The show has never had a pictorial of the creature ever since it started airing in 2011. The viewership ratings are very high.

Caption: Matt Moneymaker from the show Finding Bigfoot

Matt Moneymaker Net Worth and Salary

Matt Moneymaker has a net worth of $400,000. Much of this wealth has been garnered from his salaries earned from the Finding Bigfoot show. He is said to earn $40,000 per episode. He earns a lot from the organization that he founded called Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). They undertake a lot of projects that are funded by many other organizations.

Image of TV actor, Matt Moneymaker net worth is $400,000

TV actor, Matt Moneymaker net worth is $400,000

Is Matt Moneymaker Married? His Wife and Children

Matt Moneymaker is such a popular personality, but he has kept his personal life details very private. Never in his interviews or appearances on TV has he ever disclosed his family. This is the same on his social media platforms where he does not post any photos of his family.  He is as mysterious as the Bigfoot when it comes to his family. It does not then mean that Matt has no family.

A lot of finding just like that of the Bigfoot has been done and discovered that he has a wife and two children. Details of their names are what are missing. Matt is said to take time off and goes out with his family for expeditions like in the sea for surfing and climbing the mountains. Maybe he is trying to teach his children the art of finding the Bigfoot.

Matt Moneymaker Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts

Full name Matt Moneymaker
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) September 2, 1965
Birthplace Hollywood Hills’ Los Feliz district
Net worth $400,000
Mother Not known
Father Richard Moneymaker
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Reality TV personality and Bigfoot finder
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Wife Not known
Children Not known
Height 5′ 11.”
Weight Not known

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