Married Journalist Gloria Borger’s Husband, Son and Net Worth

It is not actually the brightest that shine in the journalism but the darkest as well meaning it is not just for the talented but also the controversial. Today let us meet Gloria Borger who has both talent and a lot of controversy to her married life. Did you know that she was married to an executive husband? They have a splendid married life which you will learn about. In the meantime lay rest to her plastic surgery rumors and find out her net worth.

Gloria Borger’s Husband and Married Life:

Gloria Borger like already mentioned is actually married to her executive husband Lance Morgan and she has a son with her husband named Evan Morgan. Gloria is a highly secretive person and barely lets out any details from her personal life. However, we can easily see that she is a supportive wife as well as a caring mother. It might be because she considers marriage a private affair, that rumors of the couple coming close to a divorce are being speculated. But we assure you that Gloria and her husband have a very good relationship and will not get a divorce for a long time.

Gloria Borger ,Lance Morgan and Evan Morgan

Gloria Borger and her husband Lance Morgan with their son Evan Morgan.

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We do know that her husband Lance Morgan who works as the chief communication strategist for ‘Powell Tate’, the PR company that specializes in global networking and communication campaigns. His tasks include counseling clients facing negative media attention. Before this, he was the former Spokesman for the US Senate Iran-Contra Investigating Committee and Press Secretary to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Gloria Borger’s son, Evan has also grown up now and pursuing his career in business. He recently married Mary Huntsman, the daughter of famous politician and Republican candidate Jon Huntsman. Mary is also famous for being a concert pianist and part of the trio band ‘Huntsman Girls. She is Huntsman’s eldest daughter who looks like will make her husband, Evan a very happy man.

Gloria Borger Net Worth:

Most of us know about the fantastic career of Gloria Borger no matter how controversial it may be. She is the best political pundit and columnist of her time. She was also the contributing editor for the US News and World Report Magazine. Before joining CNN she used to be the national political correspondent for CBS news. After joining CNN in 2007, she has appeared in multiple shows and currently serves as their political analyst. All her hard work in her wide spanned career has earned her a splendid net worth of around 2.5 million dollars.

Gloria Borger Plastic Surgery:

Gloria Borger Before After

Gloria Borger before and after plasic surgery.

Gloria Borger may be very appealing on Television but she is an aging beauty. She has crossed 65 years of age but hardly looks a day old than her 50s at the very least. Preserving one’s beauty naturally like that is next to impossible so this could be because she has gone through plastic surgery. It might be due to aging but there is a lot of difference in Gloria’s current and young photos. The websites specializing in plastic surgeries have speculated that it is possible she has gone under the knife. Her wrinkle and bags free skin at 65 is 10 to 15 years younger state than her age. It is highly possible that she has had a facelift or two done on her.

Gloria Borger Bio:

Gloria Borger was born on September 22, 1952, in New Rochelle, New York, USA. She was raised here in a Jewish family but currently, she resides in Washington DC with a family of her own. She graduated from New Rochelle High School in 1970 and Colgate University in 1974.

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