Market Warriors Cast Net Worth, Salary & Short Bio

If you are a fan of antique shows, then the chances are that you also know about Market Warriors. It might have been a short-lived show, but it shared the stars and production team from its more famous sister series, ‘Antiques Roadshow.’

Today we look back at the show and try to find out the net worth and salary of all the cast members. Below you will also find their short bio, so without wasting your time any further, here are all the cast net worth and salary.

Market Warriors Net Worth

The show might not have survived for long, but it was not the fault of the cast members because all of the cast are big names in the antiques and auctioning industry. The star cast was led by Bob Richter and included other names like Miller Gafney, John Bruno, Benedicta Raia, and Kevin Bureau.

We cannot leave out the narrator Mark L. Walberg who replaced Fred Willard due to circumstances. We will not be able to discuss all their net worth and bios in one topic, so here it is discussed one by one.

Bob Richter Net Worth, Salary, Bio

Bob Richter is an interior designer by profession but has an obsession with antiques, particularly that of Christmas ornament. Born on 9th July 1970 in Pennsylvania, Bob Richter is an expert when it comes to Home Design, auctions, and flea markets. Bob Richter’s exact net worth is yet to be reviewed, but his estimated net worth is approximately $100,000 to $1 million.

Image of Market Warrior cast Bob Richter net worth is $1 million

Market Warriors cast Bob Richter net worth is $1 million

Bob Richter is a household name when it comes to antiques. He makes frequent appearances on FOX News, CBS, Anderson Live as well as publications such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times. He is also the host of IKEA sponsored show ‘Minute Makeover’ featured in the AOL network. As a man of an extensive TV career, Bob Richter can easily maintain such substantial net worth, but his salary is still under review.

Miller Gaffney Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Miller Gaffney is an easily recognizable figure from the show ‘Market Warriors.’ She is so noticeable due to her beauty, and people have even suggested her to become an actress, but she shies away from that idea. She would not be a perfect fit in acting as her heart has always been towards Arts. She graduated with an Arts degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, where she was in a sorority with co-host Carol Lee Brosseau.

Image of Market Warrior cast Miller Gaffney net worth is $10 million

Market Warriors cast Miller Gaffney net worth is $10 million

Without further ado, Miller Gaffney’s net worth is approximately $10 million. She might be famous for her TV career, but she has multiple other ventures in real life, which results in her net worth. Miller and Carol work as art assessor for Ovation’s Art Breakers. She is also an accomplished lecturer and has tons of experience in working with auction houses, private collectors, galleries, and museums. Her salary is being calculated for the time being.

John Bruno Net Worth, Salary and Bio

The PBS official website, explain the Market Warriors cast member, John Bruno, an embodiment of vintage lifestyle and flea markets. Well, the website calls him and his wife Tina, the embodiment, because she is as passionate about antiques and other similar things just like her husband.

Image of Market Warriors cast John Bruno net worth is currently not available

Market Warriors cast John Bruno net worth is currently not available

Their home is covered with memorabilia of flea markets, antique shops, yard sales, and thrift shops. He is a veteran in the field with more than 40 years of experience as an antique dealer and 25 years of it as an appraiser. He and his wife also run the most significant antique show called Flamingo Eventz. We could go on and on about his career, but if you are here for his net worth and salary, sadly, that info is still under review.

Kevin Bruneau Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Kevin Bruneau is another exceptional name on the list that has spent a good part of his career on the road in search of antiques. With an experience spanning over 20 years, Kevin Bruneau is a master of Asian and Upscale antiques and arts. He uses that expertise when working for the Bruneau Antiques as its proprietor. He also loves collecting vintage cars and takes them on the road with him when hunting for antiques. It’s either that or his trusty motorcycle.

Image of Market Warriors cast Kevin Bruneau net worth is currently not available

Market Warriors cast Kevin Bruneau net worth is currently not available

The show’s description on the PBS website even gives Kevin the nickname of the Prowler. Unfortunately, Kevin Bruneau’s net worth and salary are still under review.

Mark L Wahlberg Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Mark L Wahlberg is the narrator of ‘Market Warriors’ as well as it’s relatively more popular partner ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ He is just as crucial as any cast member on the show. Despite his net worth only does not span from only the Antiques-related shows. He is a very famous host from multiple TV shows and games program. ‘The Moment of Truth,’ ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Street Smart’ are some of the shows he has been seen as the host.

Image of Market Warriors cast Mark L Wahlberg net worth is $3 million

Market Warriors cast Mark L Wahlberg net worth is $3 million

Wahlberg has a total estimated net worth of around $3 million. His exact salary is not known, but just the shows he has been associated with can give us an idea about his salary. He has multiple other associations and not only as a TV host. He is a spokesperson for and a member of the Goodwill Southern California’s board of directors.

Fred Willard Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Fred Willard was technically not a part of the show ‘Market Warriors.’ The 80-year-old actor was the first choice for the show’s narrator, but during the show’s production, Fred Willard had been arrested for highly scandalous reasons. He was arrested for performing lewd acts in an adult theatre. There was never enough evidence to prove Willard guilty, but Market Warriors had to replace him regardless of Mark L Wahlberg.

Image of Market Warriors cast Fred Willard net worth is $10 million

Market Warriors cast Fred Willard net worth is $10 million

Frankly, Frank did not need the Antique show in the first place to achieve a considerable net worth. He already sports a splendid acting career with movies like ‘Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,’ ‘Epic Movie,’ ‘The Magic of Belle Isle,’ and TV shows like ‘The Golden Girls,’ ‘Roseanne,’ and ‘Friends.’ Frank Willard’s net worth is a shocking $10 million with an unknown amount of salary.

Bene Raia Net Worth, Salary and Bio

Bene Raia is the symbol of representation for African-American women in the field of Antiques. She has an educational background in Arts and Architecture and loves to paint and sculpt when she is not hunting for antiques. She runs her own auction home by the same name called RAIA.

Image of Market Warriors cast Bene Raia net worth is currently not available

Market Warriors cast Bene Raia net worth is currently not available

Bene Raia’s net worth and salary have not been calculated by any sources yet. However, Bene Raia does not seem to be focusing on any professional endeavors very sternly. She seems to be enjoying family life with her children. Even her bio in PBS says that she is interested in antiques related to children because she likes to compare children from history with her own.

Market Warriors Cast’s Net Worth in a Table

Cast Member Net Worth
Bob Richter $100,000 to $1 million
Miller Gaffney $10 million
John Bruno N/A
Kevin Bruneau N/A
Mark L Wahlberg $3 million
Fred Willard $10 million
Bene Raia N/A

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