Is Mario Selman Gay? Know His Net Worth, Age, Birthdate, Nationality, Bio

Today’s generation is all about the internet. Every teenager with a smartphone either has Instagram, Facebook,, Tumblr, or Snapchat. Most teens prefer Instagram, though, where they could post pictures of their everyday life. While others tend to have just twenty followers, others have over a million. What does this tell us? Some lucky people were just born to rock Instagram.

In this article, we will get to know more about a young handsome boy, who owns people’s hearts by not only his good looks but also his amazing talent for singing. His name is Mario Selman.

Details about whether Mario Selman is gay or dating to girlfriend. Also, details about Mario Selman’s net worth and bio.

Wiki, Bio

Mario Selman, 19 years old, was born on December 21st, 1999. He was born in Chile but moved to South Florida. Mario has two sisters who are also social stars: Nacha Morel and Catalina Selman.  He comes from a lavish family. Both his sisters are popular than him in, and they have been helping him get better at it and more popular. They seem to be close, and they even appear in videos together. Mario has not revealed much about his personal life.

Image of Mario Selman height is 5 feet 7 inches

Mario Selman height is 5 feet 7 inches

He has not mentioned whether he is in a relationship though he has been close with one of his fellow YouTubers, Baby Ariel.  Right now, he is focusing on his career growing bigger and bigger and more famous. Mario is 5’7 feet tall and weighs about 155 Lbs.

Who is Mario Selman? His Career info

When Mario moved to the states, he quickly began to develop an interest in social media, and this would later see him start his channel on YouTube in 2014. At first, his channel was not that popular as he did not update or post videos regularly. Mario would eventually start to collaborate with famous artists such as Nick bean, Loren Beech, Weston Koury, and Baby Ariel. Together they started a YouTube channel called “Our Journey,” which is now popular and well known amongst teens.

You tuber likes to collaborate with famous artists. Now that is one way of gaining more popularity. He has around 150 k followers on YouNow, 543k followers on Twitter and over 800k followers in ‘’Our planet”, on YouTube which has over 88 million views.

Image of Youtuber, Mario Selman

Youtuber, Mario Selman

Mario Selman is also a star with over 3.2 million fans. He showcases his singing talent there and surely drives most girls crazy with his cuteness and attractive Spanish accent.

Mario Selman posted quite a number of song covers in YouTube including Zayn Malik’s Dusk till Dawn. Who knows, maybe he will be a rising star in the near future. Whom are we kidding, he already is. Maybe he will be the next Justin Bieber but with a Spanish accent. Check him out on as Mario Selman.

Mario Selman Net Worth

YouTubers make a lot of money. This is especially true for the ones with thousands of views, and in some cases, even millions. The more followers and views they have gathered, the more money they make. YouTubers earn around $10 – $50 per 1000 views. Videos posted which have over a million views can earn one $10,000- 50,000, which is very much.

Image of Youtuber, Mario Selman net worth is $350,000

Youtuber, Mario Selman net worth is $350,000

Mario Selman makes a good amount from his career in social media, and as such, has an estimated net worth of $350k, This is very impressive, especially considering how young he is. We, however, cannot say for sure how much the young man earns from his channel. This much remains a mystery as he has not disclosed that information yet.

Is Mario Selman in a Relationship? Is he Gay?

Rumors have it the young man, Mario Selman is gay. This is because he has been practically mum on the subject entirely. As a result, the details surrounding his personal life are relatively scarce. The fact that he hasn’t been seen going out on dates with women also fuels this rumor.

Image of Mario Selman is currently single

Mario Selman is currently single

The YouTuber is much more focused on his work and channel than his dating life. This much is clear as we see him continue to thrive on his channel. So we cannot confirm whether Mario Selman is gay or straight, as he has not openly declared to being either. There are also no hints of any person he might be particularly interested in on social media.

Mario Selman Age, Family, Wiki, Bio, Facts

Full name Mario Selman
Age 19 years old.
Date of Birth December 21st, 1999.
Place of Birth Chile
Profession YouTuber
Net worth $ 350,000
Partner Unknown
Kids 0
Nationality Chilean- American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.
Parents Unknown


Find out more about popular YouTuber Mario Selman. Learn more about his social media career and net worth. Take a look at his personal life.

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