Margaret Anne Williams Biography: Details to know about Geoffrey Zakarian’s Wife.

In this post, we make sure to give every information about renowned businesswoman, Margaret Anne Williams. The exploration of her different aspects of life is known to have no bounds. In this review, we will get to know and explore Margaret’s age, net worth, husband; Geoffrey Zakarian. Who he is and what he does. Every detail of their relationship and everything you need to know about the lovely Margaret and her husband Geoffrey lies below.

Details about Margaret Anne Williams’ married life with husband, Geoffrey Zakarian, and children. Also, get to know about Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife’s net worth, and wiki/bio.

Wiki, Bio

Margaret Anne William was born in Tampa, Florida in 1979 to parents, Francis M. Williams and Marie Williams. This makes the businesswoman 39 years old at the moment. Her father owned and operated business, Kimmins Contracting. His business entails the demolition and construction of some buildings in the Tampa area where Margaret grew up. We were not able to unearth what her mother, Marie, does for a living, but we can safely assume that Francis was the breadwinner. Maggy has always been hardworking, even when she was younger.

For her education, the entrepreneur went to New York University and worked hard for her business degree. She only went from strength to strength from there, building her own business. She has become a fairly competent businesswoman, working with renowned organizations all over the world.  Besides her business, she is the mother of three wonderful children.

Who is Margaret Anne Williams? Her Career info

Margaret Anne Williams, a 40-year-old marketing executive, came into the light after marrying her well-known husband, Geoffrey Zakarian. Before that, she seemed to be living her life in the shadows. Margaret studied at the New York University where she majored in Business and Marketing.

She followed her father’s footsteps in the business department and through her father, Francis Williams; she managed to gain lots of connections which contributed to her success in life. Margaret Anne Williams had become the Marketing Executive of 3 sixty hospitality by the age of 26.

The business offered catering services to customers and of course, delicious dishes. The three sixty hospitality is known to be in partnership with companies such as Double Seven and Lotus. The Double Seven, which is located in New York, is known to offer small gatherings in luxurious lounges. Lotus, on the other hand, has branches in France, Germany, and USA. The brand is known to be for people in the ‘high society.’

This means that usually caters for the well to do people of this world, the one percent if you will. As such, people who frequent the establishment do so knowing fully well that they are shelling out quite a bit of cash at the end of the night.

Margaret Anne William Net Worth

People running businesses tend to earn salaries of about $60,000 annually. This differs on the particular business venture in question. The figure can rise significantly higher, or sink even lower. Margaret Anne William’s net worth is not officially known, as it is under review.

Image of Marketing Executive, Margaret Anne Williams net worth is currently not available

Marketing Executive, Margaret Anne Williams net worth is currently not available

But her company’s marketability and global brand awareness tend to hint at her wealth. It surely says it all. Her husband, on the other hand, Geoffrey Zakarian, has a reported net worth of around 6 million. As Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife, the businesswoman shares this wealth with him. Once you get married, then what’s yours becomes hers, and what’s her also becomes yours, as marriage is a partnership.

Margaret also created a restaurant with her husband known as a town. The place seems to be doing well, as it averages 100 customers every day. This provides another additional source of income for the businesswoman and her dutiful husband. After the success of the town, the couple would later open another restaurant which they named ‘country.’ It will prove equally as successful as its predecessor, thus creating a new source of revenue for the pair.

Margaret Anne William Married? Geoffrey Zakarian

The businesswoman is, in fact, a married woman. Margaret Anne Williams is the second wife of the famous chef, Geoffrey Zakarian. The chef’s first wife was Heather Karaman. Geoffrey is a famous American chef who is known to have appeared severally in Food Network’s Chopped. He also appeared as a top chef judge in Hells kitchen, cutthroat and other more. In 2011, he was named the winner of Next Iron Chef. He seems to have appeared in various food network shows.

Image of Margaret Anne Williams with her husband Geoffrey Zakarian

Margaret Anne Williams with her husband, Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey and Margaret met through a mutual friend. It is also known that the couple has an age gap of twenty years. Cleary age is no threat when it comes to true love. They did not seem to give a care about what the public thought and claimed that their relationship was fake. The two wanted to be more than just spouses to each other and therefore decided to create their own restaurant, town.

The two had a private wedding on 31st July 2005. In attendance were a few close friends and family. Thereafter, the two decided to start another restaurant, country, which came to be awarded the Michelin star, which meant that the restaurant had been recognized as one of the greatest dining businesses. This proves that they maintain a partnership in all aspects of their life, and this helps to make their bond even stronger.

The married couple has three children together. Their first born, Madeline, was born in the year 2007. The second born, Anne, is said to be born in the year 2009. The last born, the only boy, George Harris, was born in the year 2014.

The Zakarian family enjoys various activities such as horseback riding, cooking, and traveling.

Margaret Anne William Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Margaret Anne William
Age 39 years old.
Date of Birth 1979
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida, USA.
Profession Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Restaurant Owner, Marketing Executive
Net worth Under review
Husband Geoffrey Zakarian
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Francis M. Williams and Marie Williams.

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