Lavell Crawford is Married to Wife Deshawn Crawford. His Net worth, Weight loss, Age.

Many fans of comedy often familiarize stand-up comedian Lavell Crawford from his appearances on Breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better Call Saul as the ‘Big Guy.’ However, the same fans will hardly recognize him owing to his recent physical transformation. Calm down though as we aren’t talking about something major like a sex change as current trends dictate but rather, his weight loss. Here’s everything you need to know about his slim possible journey as well as a look on Lavell Crawford’ net worth, age, and wife, Deshawn.

Who is Lavell Crawford? Career Info

Our readers on the older age bracket can easily remember Crawford’s antics during the early ’90s as a stand-up comedian. His audiences ranged from small crowds to club events. However, Hollywood star’s star finally shone and ushered the dawn of a new chapter following his appearance on BET’s Comic View

His 20’s passed by with nothing eventful to talk about. On the other hand, Lavell’s 30’s came to define his career. He auditioned for a role on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and came out as the first runner-up to Jon Reep who took the comedy crown.

Nevertheless, it was still a win-win situation for Lavell since the role propelled his name further into stardom. The comedian later reached for the stars and got supporting characters as an actor on both television shows as well as movies. These include Meet the Blacks, The Ridiculous 6, American Ultra and even voiced the Chimp Alien in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Image of Lavell Crawford from Meet the Blacks movie

Lavell Crawford from Meet the Blacks movie

Lavell Crawford Net worth, Salary.

The actor may not be an A-lister Hollywood star but has his moments. Lavell Crawford holds a current estimated net worth of $500,000 while his salary remains undisclosed. Credible sources have revealed his acting roles as one of his significant earners. However, did you also know that he also makes money off screenwriting?

Image of American comedian, Lavell Crawford net worth is $500,000

American comedian, Lavell Crawford net worth is $500,000

Lavell has some of his literary work on BET’s Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, and Comedy Central Presents. Other Television specials include Laffapalooza, 1st Amendment Stand Up, This is Not Happening and his self-titled, Lavell Crawford: Home for the Holidays.

Apart from his stand-up comedy events, Crawford is also a producer. He directed the exclusive documentary, Can a Brother Get Some Love which got its release in 2011. Overall, the gradual change in net worth accrued over the years is remarkable for the actor.

Lavell Crawford Height, Body measurements and Weight Loss.

The comedian’s most iconic role was playing Huell, a personal bodyguard in the series, Breaking Bad. There is no doubt he got the part from his talented acting. However, we also can’t ignore the fact that his physique played a huge role in landing him the contract.

Lavell has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and used to weigh about 475 pounds back in 2014. However, he realized that he wasn’t going to stick around to watch his grandkids grow and opted for a healthier lifestyle.

Image of Lavell Crawford height is 5 feet 8 inches

Lavell Crawford height is 5 feet 8 inches

In 2015 Crawford embarked on a mission to shed off weight and started with a gastric sleeve surgery. This was followed by a strict diet which you can check out here, as well a regular workout regime. The results were incredible following the loss of over 120 pounds about a year later. He currently weighs 350 pounds and still going.

Lavell Crawford’s wife and Kids.

The most consistent person in Crawford’s life is his wife, Deshawn. There are no current sources with information about the actual date of their marriage. However, they have been together for quite a long time. Speculations point to the marriage date at right around the time of the inception of his career.

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The reason behind this lies within the age of their children. The couple has three kids together: a daughter and two sons. The youngest was born in 2011 and got named LJ Crawford while the older two are currently in their early twenties.

Image of Lavell Crawford with his son LJ Crawford

Lavell Crawford with his son LJ Crawford

The specifics to their birthdates or their actual names are yet to find their way to the surface world. Otherwise, there has been no drama surrounding their marriage which happens to be quite successful. Deshawn has been very supportive of her husband’s weight loss process.

Lavell Crawford Age, Birthdate, Family, Wiki-Bio and Facts.

Full name Lavell Maurice Crawford
Age 50
Date of Birth November 11th, 1968
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri
Profession Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Net worth $500,000
Wife Deshawn Crawford
Kids 3
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 350 pounds
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Lavell’s life may look all rosy, but this was never the case while he was growing up. He was born on November 11th, 1968 in St. Louis Missouri and had the pleasure of growing up alongside his two sisters named Elonda and Erica.

The sad part creeps in when Crawford’s dad, Daryl – who worked as a fitness expert – left the family while he was still young. Living with abandonment issues proved to be a challenge while also pilling on his fat body. There is also the near-death experience with drowning he had at age 10.

Nevertheless, all these mishaps only bonded the family more. Their mother, Annita had the sole responsibility of raising all three kids on her own. Lavelle had the privilege of joining Pattonville High School in Maryland up to his graduation in 1986. Fast forwarding into the future, the comedian re-united with his father in 2010.

It turns out, Daryl was gay and had trouble coming out. He found it hard to tell the family and left only to remarry again. Sadly, his husband died in 2015. The actor is now 50 years of age and has made peace with his past troubles. Success seems to follow him everywhere.

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