Did Lauren Southern turn into a man? Who’s her boyfriend?

Lauren Southern is a Canadian libertarian activist. She is also the author of “Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation”, a political commentator who is famous for her YouTube videos on feminism. Do you know Lauren Southern beyond this? About her hot boyfriend, her wanting to be a man, sister and life? Read on to find more about her height and her views on religion.

A short bio on Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern was born on 15th of June, 1995 in Surrey, British Columbia. Her full name is Lauren Cherie Southern. Lauren’s sister Jess Southern enjoys cosplaying i.e. dress up. Lauren studied political science at the University of the Fraser Valley. She didn’t finish her degree, since she decided to leave it after two years to focus on her political activism.

Lauren Southern Canadian Federal Election

Lauren Southern activities on Twitter after becoming a candidate in the Canadian federal elecrion.

Lauren Southern was a candidate in the Canadian Federal Election. She was representing the Libertarian Party of Canada in 2015. The former commentator for The Rebel, went viral in April of 2015 after posting a video on Rebel Media’s channel explaining why she is not a feminist. She was initially suspended as candidate of the Libertarian Party. But she was reinstated later after a public outcry.

Lauren Southern once dated a Muslim guy

Lauren Southern has been very vocal about her views on LGBT community and Muslims. Yet there was photographic evidence that she has dated one if not a few Muslim men. To which she responded by saying her ex-boyfriend wasn’t a Muslim, but rather a half-black Christian Trump voter.

Why is she not married?

Lauren advocates traditionalism and has a very religious nature. But she isn’t married. She states that is so because she wants to get married when she is truly in love. She doesn’t want to raise kids as a single mother as she thinks there is a risk of suicide, alcoholic and drop out of school.

Lauren Southern legally became a man?

Lauren Southern dressed like man

Lauren Southern announced “According to the Government of Canada I’m literally a dude now” on Rebel Media.

Lauren Southern knows how to make a point. When she’s not hulk-smashing whiny feminists, she’s educating the world about the dangers of leftism. To prove the point she asked the doctor to make a note saying she is a male and also had her government ID changed to male very easily.

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