Is Klay Thompson already Married a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend? More about his Parents, Mother & Net Worth!

If you don’t know about Klay Thompson, then you aren’t a great fan of basketball, because he is a legend of the sport. Klay, one of the most god-gifted and talked about a basketball player. The Golden state Warrior’s shooting guard regularly makes a headline for his talent and performance on the field, as well as for his dating and girlfriend life. Well, today we’re talking about his marriage, wife and also about his parents and mother, stay with us.

Handsome American basketball playerKlay Thompson playing in the court.

Handsome American basketball playerKlay Thompson.


Who is Klay Thompson recently Dating a Girlfriend?

The 27-year-old basketball expert has a standout amongst the most amazing dating resumes of any NBA player, and is known for his dedications similarly on the court, and off. The sweet-looking sharpshooter’s dating history incorporates a noteworthy rundown of beauties, for example, the Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra, school basketball player Tiffany Suarez, and Oregon-based model Hannah Stocking.

Basketball player icon Klay Thompson with his girlfriend Tiffany.

Basketball player icon Klay Thompson with his girlfriend Tiffany Suarez.


As of late, Thompson made front page news after his splendid execution on March 6 match. In which Klay and point guard, Stephen Curry drove the Golden State Warriors to an 119-111 won over the Atlanta Hawks. Klay Thompson went ahead to score 13 points in the match, nine of which were in the third time frame. Normally the great and gorgeous three-time NBA All-Star has armies of fans. Who are interested about Klay Thompson’s sweetheart in 2017. The question on everyone’s psyches is, “Who is Klay Thompson dating now?”

Klay Thompson Dating and Girlfriend History!

Klay Thompson is a basketball idol for many newcomers on account of his great ability, distinguished ancestry, and prospering vocation. The child of incredible NBA player, Mychal Thompson, Klay has flaunted his proceeds onward the court since 2011. And he also has collected huge fan followers, and also massive amounts of net worth.

Is Klay still a romantic relationship with Cherise Sandra?

A year ago, Thompson started rumor tidbits that he was dating an L.A. Rams team promoter named Cherise Sandra, after a photograph shared by her turned into a web sensation. Online networking went into a free for all after the attractive brunette posted a photo of herself on Instagram, tagging the basketball expert. The subtitle read, “You and Me child. Sorry, my names labeled on your yard,” and exhibited Sandra roosted on Thompson’s porch next to her very own spray painting name marked with a heart!

Klay Thompson taking a selfie with his rumored wife Cherise Sandra.

Klay Alexander Thompson with rumored girlfriend Cherise Sandra.

Source: instagram

Well, his rep negated the bits of affairs, saying that she was just friends, and nothing more. “They never date to each other. The first time when they met was that day. She was a visitor of a guest, that is it,” said Thompson’s rep. The main reason the Warriors’ champion wasn’t vexed about the spray painting was that his porch was expected for a redesign! Aside from this occurrence, the dazzling Rams team promoter was likewise spotted no less than one Warriors diversion with a young lady companion a year ago, starting gossipy tidbits that she was there to support her man as he made NBA history. Indeed, they positively had us tricked!

Married Rumor! Is Klay dating with Tiffany Suarez and Hannah Stocking?

They are never got married. But in 2015, Thompson was spotted on a romantic supper date with Fordham basketball player, Tiffany Suarez. Who posted a photograph on Instagram caption “Thank you for a stunning night.” Suarez is viewed as a standout amongst the most beautiful ladies in basketball and was found while playing for the Virginia Cavalier’s ladies’ basketball group before moving to Fordham.

Klay Thompson with his rumored wife Hannah Stocking.

Klay Thompson with his rumored wife Hannah Stocking.


Thompson was connected to Suarez taking his exceedingly publicized part from a model, Hannah Stocking. She got down on him about Twitter for undermining her. The 27-year-old NBA star was beforehand dating the 24-year-old model for just about a year, before heading for splitsville. In 2015, Stocking took to Twitter to openly blame Thompson for bamboozling and tweeted a meme of his face which read, “When you get ur [sic] man bare in bed with a groupie… “Talk about a sharp separate!

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