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Keith David Williams is a well- known man for his acting, doing comedy and singing. He calls himself a religious man. He is known for his key role as King of Platoon and as Childs in ‘The Thing.’ In this article, we shall be taking a deeper dive into Keith David’s wife, married life, his net worth, age, and family.

Who is Keith David?                                                                      

Born on 4th July 1956, Keith David is 62 years old. He was born with the birth name Keith David Williams in New York City, Harlem district as a son to Dolores (Dickenson) and Leister Williams. Keith David dad was a Telephone manager while his mum was a payroll operation director. Keith David is known to be a charismatic person who goes after his interests. He is also known to take up his roles and does them best.

Career and Early life

Keith David realized his passion for acting at nine years of age while in school. He acted as the coward lion in the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ He sang during choirs as a young boy. Keith David also studied Performing Arts in New York, Manhattan famed High School. Later on, he graduated from Julliard School’s Drama Division with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1979.

Keith David’s teachers were Robert Williams and Edith Skinner. They were well-known teachers with good voices and speech. He got hired in William Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’ for Tullus Aufidius as an understudy. He has been famously known as an actor in many films among them award-winning films.

Keith David’s career kicked off in 1986 when he played the role of King in ‘Platoon’ which won an Oscar. In 1992, he received a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical having played an important role ‘Jelly Last Jam’ in the Broadway play. He has also received an Emmy Award as a narrator of, ‘The war’ and many other Ken Burns. Ever since, he has played tremendous roles in various films including, ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ ‘Crash,’ ‘Barbershop’ and many others.

Image of Keith David from movie, The Princess and the Frog

Keith David from the movie, The Princess and the Frog

Keith David has successfully worked with known directors such as Clint Eastwood in ‘Bird,’ Steven Spielberg in ‘Always’ and John Carpenter in, ‘The Thing’ and ‘They Live.’ He is covered in more than 101 movies. He continues to act, and he has been featured in ‘Tales from the Hood 2,’ ‘Night school,’ ‘You might be the killer,’ among others in 2018.

In 2019 he has been featured in, ‘The Gettysburg Address,’ ‘In search of Darkness’ and ’21 Bridges’ which are documentaries post productions and post productions respectively. Among other activities he is involved are video games and films.

Keith David Net Worth

He is known for his career as an actor, singer and voice artist. Keith David’s net worth is 3 million dollars. It is with these many sources of income that he may have accumulated his net worth.

Image of American actor, Keith David net worth is $3 million

American actor, Keith David net worth is $3 million

Is Keith David Married? Who is His Wife? Any Children?

Keith David has been married twice. He has one child, a son from the first marriage and two daughters in the second marriage. Keith David was previously married to wife Margit Edward Williams (1990), and they both had a son by the name Owen. Currently, Keith David is married to Dionne Lea Wiliams, an actor, and a singer. They tied knots on 15th April 2000. They have two children Ruby and Maelee.

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Who is Keith David’s wife, Dionne Lea Williams?

Dionne Lea Williams is an American actress, singer. Dionne Lea Williams husband is Keith David. The two got married in April, 28th 2001. They both have two daughters.  Information about her net worth, age and salary are all unknown.

Body Measurements: How tall is Keith David?

Keith David carries himself as a proud man with the ability to perform a great duty that matters to him. Keith David is charismatic and seems to love his work in all he does; he chooses what portrays his interest. He is one person who enjoys what he does and does it with passion.

Image of Keith David height is 6 feet 2 inches

Keith David height is 6 feet 2 inches

About his measurements, he is a 6’2’’ (188cm) tall, with Black hair and brown eyes. There is no much information about Keith David shoe size and description of his body. He seems to be in good health, and there has been no report regarding his illness.

Keith David Birth Name, Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts

Birth Name Keith David Williams
Age 62 years
Place of Birth Harlem, New York City, US
Profession Actor, Voice actor, Comedian, Singer
Horoscope sign Capricorn
Height 6’2’’  (188cm)
Weight Unknown
Net worth $3 million
Alma mater Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown
Relationship Status Married
Death-O-meter Alive


Keith David is a father to three children; one son and two daughters. He is married to wife Dionne Lea Williams. He is a renowned actor, singer, voice actor and comedian, all of which have earned him a net worth of $3 million.

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