Katherine Langford is dating in Real Life. Who is the Mystery Boyfriend

It has been months since ’13 Reasons Why’ was released and although it’s buzz has decreased everyone who has watched it can’t seem to get it off their mind. The Selena Gomez produced series was an instant hit largely so due to the performance of the young cast especially the lead role and central character of Hannah Baker. The role was brought to life by a new face actor Katherine Langford. Learn about her real life including her dating life, boyfriend, net worth, and bio.

Is Katherine Langford Dating? Her Boyfriend:

Katherine Langford has hit the jackpot making her acting debut with the hit Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’. Being new to all the stardom and fame Katherine Langford’s personal life. In reel life, she stars as the love interest of Clay Jensen portrayed by Dylan Minnette but what about in real life?

Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette

Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette from ’13 Reasons Why’.

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As much as we would love to see her dating a real life Clay, she has not been seen with a boyfriend. It is hard almost impossible to believe that a young and beautiful actress such as Katherine would be single though. There have been rumors that Katherine is really dating Dylan in real life but these are just rumors. Dylan is already a taken man having a longtime actress girlfriend Kerris Dorsey.

It is no wonder to why these rumors may arise. Katherine and Dylan’s on-screen chemistry as Hannah and Clay in ’13 Reasons Why’ is the perfect example of modern love. The love transpires beyond their physical existence and exists even after death. They have become an iconic couple on-stage and their romance is undeniable as can be seen in the series. But boyfriend or not, Katherine and Dylan are surely best of friends and still hang out together.

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So, Clay and Hannah may not be dating in real life but do you know who are? Justin and Alex apparently portrayed by actors Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer. This even went viral on social media and Twitter couldn’t even handle it.



Katherine Langford Net Worth:

Katherine Langford despite just making a start in the industry has been obstructed to great heights of success. Besides ’13 Reasons Why’ the actress has only appeared in plays Evita and Godspell and also a small indie movie ‘Daughters’. But still, she has made a great name for her herself and mustered a staggering net worth of 2.6 million dollars.

A 2.6 million net worth is already a high amount but made superior by the fact that she made it up at such a young age and undertaking one project. On top of that, her average annual income is calculated to be around 0.6 million dollars. She also has her own personal investments that sum up to 1.5 million dollars. This all together with her 0.2 million worth of luxury cars and 0.6 million dollars luxury Apartment she bought just in 2017 result in her huge net worth.

Katherine Langford Wiki-Bio:

Katherine Langford was born on 29th April 1996 in Perth, Australia. She was born to doctor parents Elizabeth and Stephen Langford, Director of Royal Flying Doctor Services. She has a younger sister Josephine who is also aspiring to be an actress.

For primary education, she attended Penrhos College and enrolled to St Hilda’s for secondary schooling. She then attended Perth Modern school where she studied music, drama and became sports captain and a nationally ranked swimmer.

She was rejected by most of the acting schools she appeared for being too young and lacking life experience but she worked hard by handling 3 part-time jobs to support her acting classes and studied at Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts, majoring in Music Theatre.

Today she stands a well recognizes actress at just 21 years of age. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5.5 inches and the weight of 130 pounds.

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