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It is surprising to realize the number of occasions when a man has to make love proposals to a woman. It is required while getting a girlfriend, asking someone to prom and to eventually popping the question to get married. So people come up with unique and innovative ways of proposing.

Let us just take Jordyn Jones for an example. She was recently proposed in a really interesting way. What was it about? Is she someone’s girlfriend now then who is she dating? Also, check out her net worth.

Jordyn Jones Boyfriend and Dating Life:

Jordyn Jones recently was proposed by her now boyfriend Brandon. It is pretty clear that she said yes and who could say no to such a unique proposal. It was all captured on video by Jordyn’s best friend Luna Blaise. Luna went on to post the video in Jordyn’s Vlog Channel on 17th December 2016. The video showed Luna in on Brandon’s scheme to surprise propose Jordyn to be his girlfriend. They had planned to bring her a normal Starbucks coffee but instead of her name in the coffee mug, they placed the tag of girlfriend.

Jordyn was delightfully surprised and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t like to be proposed in a simple but romantic way like that? She couldn’t stop gushing about the proposal for the rest of the video and has even kept the cup. As of now the new girlfriend boyfriend couple have not been able to contain their love for one and another from doing a lot of videos together like ‘Boyfriend Buys My Outfits’ and ‘Happy 6 months’. It is already 8th month together but seems like only yesterday they were 5 months together looking at this Instagram post then.

Jordyn Jones Wiki type Bio and Net Worth

Jordyn Jones was born on 13th March 2000 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. She first rose to fame as a participant for the first season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and finished in 5th position. She later stirred up, even more, stardom releasing a dance video on Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ in 2014.

Since then she has evolved as an internet sensation particularly interested in doing notorious dance and music videos. Many people have criticized her dance and outfits to be provocative and not age appropriate for her. But she simply likes to shake them off and continue doing her thing. She has over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Her internet fame has alone earned her a net worth of around 500,000 dollars.

Jordyn Jones as you can see has a successful career and a romantic dating life and she is not even 18 years old right now. She is a proof that age does not matter for success.

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