Jordan Spieth and His Girlfriend Annie Verret Still together? Are they going to be engaged anytime soon?

The golf is undeniably a gentlemen’s sport that invites only people with great talent and skills to the course. This is why it is such a highly paid game consisting of priced players like the 2015 Golf Masters Tournament winner Jordan Spieth. However, the 1.8 million dollar prize money wasn’t all that he won that day. For those who viewed Spieth’s victory celebration might have noticed a kiss he received from a beautiful woman in the crowd and wondered who she is. Let’s find out more about the couple’s relationship status, engagement and marriage plans. For the fans out there who have been wondering if Jordan Spieth is ever gonna get engaged with girlfriend Annie, we have some news here.

Jordan and Annie’s Relationship

Well, we are here to answer all of your questions. The woman was his long-time girlfriend Annie Verret. They have been dating for longer than you would expect, in fact, they are high school sweethearts. They met while attending different high schools; Jordan Spieth at the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School and Annie Verret at the all-girls Ursuline Academy in Texas. They kept their relationship intact even when pursuing an education in different colleges.

Annie Verret and her boyfriend Jordan Spieth

Caption: Jordan Spieth with girlfriend Annie Verret

Source: Daily Mail

Since then their chemistry has been burning brightly and if you look back at Jordan Spieth’s previous matches you are bound to run into Annie discreetly moving with the crowd following Jordan and supporting him through wins, loss or tie.

Is Jordan Spieth Married? Engaged or Simply Dating?

Jordan and Annie look so in love that it will raise a question in everybody’s mind if they have got hitched or are planning a nuptial. However, Annie Verret likes to keep her private life a secret as we know from her skills to go incognito regarding her relationship with Spieth. We wouldn’t have even known about them if they hadn’t kissed in the heat of the moment after winning the British open Tournament in 2015. Even now she also rarely posts images of herself with her significant half.

Annie Verret kissing Jordan Spieth after winning the golf tournament

Caption: Jordan Spieth kissing his girlfriend Annie Verret after winning the tournament

Source: Daily Mail

However, they look like a match made in heaven. If Jordan is one of the world’s top ranking golfer with great looks, a height of 6 feet and 1 inch and a 34.5 million dollar net worth. But Annie is quite successful herself. The lady graduated college with a 4.0 GPA appearing on both the dean’s list and President’s honor roll. She presently is also in the golfing profession but that is inclined more towards moral causes. She is an event coordinator at The First Tee of Greater Dallas where she helps underprivileged kids attain their love towards golf.

'The First Tee of Greater Dallas' events co-ordinator Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth

Caption: Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth co-ordinating the ‘The First Tee of Greater Dallas’ events


Even Jordan’s mother also had something to say about their relationship.

“Annie’s good for Jordan,” said Spieth’s mother. “He doesn’t need a celebrity girlfriend. He doesn’t want the attention.”

So, it should not come as a big surprise if we were to her the nuptial bells ringing from the newest power couple of golf anytime soon. For right now the golfer couple seems to be on top of the world. Both equally successful in their relationship and equally in deep love with each other. We hope that soon Annie will be a wife and not just fiancé of Jordan Spieth.

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