Everything about Jeremy Schwartz from Moonshiners

Jeremy Schwartz is the narrator of the show Moonshiners. Besides being the narrator of the show, Jeremy is also a voice actor who has voiced the characters of anime like Dragonball Z. There are a lot of fans of his iconic voice, and many peoples are looking to learn about him.

You are in luck, read on to learn more about the man narrating Moonshiners, Jeremy Schwartz.

Jeremy Schwartz Early Life

Jeremy Schwartz is a pretty well-known name in the field of voice acting, having voiced characters like Lord Slug in the Dragonball Z dub version. But his fame is beyond just voicing over on Anime. Jeremy is the narrator for the popular reality TV show Moonshiners.

Born on December 4, 1971, Jeremy is currently 48 years of age. It is unknown if he has any siblings or not; even the details about his parents aren’t available. But, what we do know is that he had a rough time growing up.

Jeremy wasn’t the brightest kid in his high school days, getting borderline results and poor performance throughout his time at Sr. High School. The school is located in Plano, Texas, which is also the place where Jeremy grew up after moving from New Jersey. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Jeremy was raised in Plano, Texas.

Image of Jeremy Schwartz from the popular reality TV show Moonshiners.

Jeremy Schwartz from the popular reality TV show, Moonshiners

After struggling through high school, Jeremy attended the College of Santa Fe for a year. He studied National Forensic Language while in college and was the best at it in college. The unbelievable transition from being the dumbest kid in high school to the smartest kid in college must have been really self-motivating for him.

With his newfound confidence, Jeremy asked out the girl of his dreams. His sincere feelings probably got through to the girl, and his new confident stature probably helped as well, as he got his first girlfriend. The very first girl Jeremy dated for the first time while in college is the girl he is married to till this date.

Jeremy Schwartz Married to his Only Girlfriend

Like we clarified in the above paragraph, Jeremy has no dating experience and hasn’t dated anyone other than his now-wife. But, it wouldn’t be entirely correct to say Jeremy has no dating experience.

Jeremy dated his now-wife for about ten years, which is a very very long time for dating without getting married. The couple held on through thick and thin together way before their marriage. The first time they dated was back in college, but a lot of sources mistake it and claim it to be high school love.

That is not the case as Jeremy had a crush on her before he was in college, but they were never dating. But as Jeremy got a grip of his life, the first thing he did was ask the girl out. The one person who he didn’t want to be left out from any part of his life. Honestly, it sounds pretty romantic.

After ten years of dating, Jeremy and the love of his life decided to get married and marry they did. Now 48 years old, Jeremy has never been with another woman but his wife. Even if he started dating at the age of 18 in college, it has been like 30 years being with the same woman, but he still seems to be going strong for her.

But despite Jeremy’s fame and the spotlight shining on him hard, he has made sure to not bother her wife with it. Keeping the name of the love of her life a secret, Jeremy is quite a secret keeper.

Jeremy Schwartz Profession and Career

While we do not know how Jeremy got into acting, narrating, and voice acting from Natural Forensic Language. We assume that he saw a different scope for the forensic language rather than the traditional one. He used his knowledge from college and talent in voice acting.

This has brought him the success he has today. Jeremy is one of the most sought after narrators in reality TV shows, which are Hollywood based. Also, he is the go-to voice actor for dubbing popular Japanese anime in English. There is no questioning his skills and success as they both back each other.

Jeremy has been the narrator for the show Moonshiners from day 1 of the show, when it aired for the first time on December 6, 2011. His iconic voice is what fills in peoples about the past happenings and progression of the show. There was no audition for the role of narrator for the show Moonshiners. Jeremy was handpicked for the position.

Jeremy Schwartz Net Worth

A successful voice actor and narrator who is sought after in Hollywood, it is none other than Jeremy Schwartz. He is bound to have a net worth reflecting the success. Popular not only with the reality TV show fans but also anime fans, he has won the hearts of many.

For income, Jeremy Schwartz takes a whopping $30k per episode from the show Moonshiners. Meaning his yearly salary is upwards of $150k as he also does other shows as well. This income comes in the lower percentile of the American population. He is also the richest among the casts of Moonshiners.

Image of TV Personality, Jeremy Schwartz net worth is $1.5 million

TV Personality, Jeremy Schwartz net worth is $1.5 million

With a net worth of $1.5 million, Jeremy Schwartz is the wealthiest cast of the show Moonshiners. He probably also makes the most yearly income among the cast of the show. Besides being a voice actor and narrator, Jeremy is also a founding member of The Fire Department Theatre Company based on New York City. He is also a producer in different shows, so all of this also adds into his pretty hefty net worth.

Jeremy Schwartz Fun Facts

  • Jeremy was a poor performing student in his high school days.
  • Schwartz was the best performing student while in college
  • He met his wife while he was in the College of Santa Fe.
  • After dating for ten years, Jeremy married his college girlfriend.
  • Jeremy has only ever dated one woman, who is currently his wife.
  • Schwartz, besides narrating Moonshiners, also does voice acting in dubbing Japanese anime to English.
  • His height is 5 ft 11 inches.
  • Jeremy Schwartz is a Sagittarius.

Jeremy Schwartz Wiki

Name Jeremy Schwartz
Date of birth December 4, 1971
Place of Birth New Brunswick, New Jersey
Profession Narrator, Voice Actor
Affiliated company FUNimation
Relationship status Married
Spouse Name Undisclosed
Children Undisclosed
Net Worth $1.5 million
Height 1.8m (5ft 11inches)
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity Caucasian White

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